Photo Wednesday: Quirky, sassy room with dog statue

Two words, people: DOG. STATUE. How adorable is that? I love me a weird accent piece. It certainly makes for interesting discussions. I’ve been chomping at the bit to post this pic. I describe this home office as sassy; check out the upside down Buddah sconce, that silver lamp, the gorgeous wall color. Cool stone gray on the walls is to die for. The roller shades are a perfect touch. The color doesn’t take away from the style of the room, and the scalloped edges with gold trim give a little oomph. You can buy roller shades just like these over at the website. Give ’em a look see.

LV Office RS Solar Screen 10 SM

My favorite feature of this whole space? The desk. Is that something? WANT. Sigh, I love white desks.

Talk back to us: is this room too funky or right up your alley?

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  1. I want a home office like this when I grow up.

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