’s Periodic Table of Marketing Elements Goes to the Ceiling

At, our first law of marketing is Experimentation Without Fear of Failure. (In fact, it’s a part of our core values). We test, hypothesize, and test some more to find new ways to delight our customers.

We took the essential elements, aka tools, strategies and standards, that marketing is made of at and formed the Periodic Table of Marketing Elements.

Learn More About The Periodic Table Periodic Table of Marketing Elements

Takin’ It To The Ceiling

We wanted these essential elements of our success to be always on our minds, so we took it to the ceiling (with inspiration from this).

Watch the time lapse to see how we did it!

Take a Closer Look at The Idea Lab

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How’d We Do It?

The custom vinyl element decals were made by our fabulous friends at Sweetums Signatures.

These folks were friendly, responsive, and didn’t look at us funny when we told them what hair-brained project we had in mind. We highly recommend them if you’d like to add some pizzazz to your walls (or ceiling!).

Are We Missing Some of YOUR Essential Elements?

Tell us the elements that are essential to your success in the comments below or tweet them to us @BlindsDotCom!

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  1. Thanks so much for allowing Sweetums Signatures to be a part of such a fun project! We are inspired by your creativity, friendly staff and commitment to your customers. Thanks again! – Danette R Martin owner of Sweetums!

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