Outdoor Blinds Protect from Massive US Heatwave

So maybe you’ve heard? We’re experiencing, um, above average temperature for this time of year, all over the country. Down here in Texas, we’re used to smoldering summers, but this? This is ridiculous. So what do we do in times of extreme. mind-bending heat? Endlessly search for ways to stay cool, of course. The paradox: it’s Summer, and we want to be outside, gosh darnit. There is a solution here: outdoor blinds from Blinds.com. Perfect for patios, porches and sunrooms, outdoor blinds are perfect for blocking out miserable Summer heat while preserving your view outside. You’ll be able to watch your kids play in the pool while sipping a refreshing beverage of your choice on the UV-protected patio.

One Blinds.com customer had this to say about the Coolaroo Exterior Sun Shade, which is one of our most popular outdoor shades: “What a beautiful product! For the first time in 16 years our back porch gives you that “warm and fuzzy” feeling. The shade gives not only a private feel from neighbors but also deflects the sun and the heat while still allowing you to have a softened vision of the outside. Whether it be afternoon or evening, it is a joy to sit outside now!”

Don’t they look glorious? Hope you’re having a bearable Summer. Try not to melt.

Coolaroo NEW Custom Shade Program

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