Order Free Samples Before You Buy Blinds: What’s the Point?

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Internet is a great resource for buying quality products at prices much lower
than those found in brick-and-mortar stores, we know that. But can you really
get the same in-store experience from an online retailer that? Is it possible
to have your cake and eat it too? The team at Blinds.com say “Yes!” Buying
online is not only a great option, but a better
one when buying your custom blinds. We were the first to give customers free
samples before they buy. It’s just one of the ways online retailers like
Blinds.com are adding value to the shopping experience and making it easy to
shop online. Taking advantage of free samples is a great way to get up close
and personal with quality, material and color.

I feel
strongly about this, not just because I work here at Blinds.com, but because I’ve been to the big box stores. I’ve
experienced the frustration of chasing down a salesperson who knows the floor
map of the store, but doesn’t know the first thing about blinds, shades,
shutters, and draperies.

truly amazing about the evolution of the Internet is how much customer service
and user experience has evolved. Now, you can call us 7 days a week with
questions, get advice from certified Design Consultants who will tell you
exactly what you need, and get free samples of the products you’re considering
in just a few days. Samples come in a beautiful, easy-to-keep packet, filled
with useful tips, instructions for how to measure, and unique coupons only
available in our sample kit.

free samples
and see how hassle-free it is to shop online.

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