New Window Treatments for Fall 2011

We’re gearing up for the holidays (already. again. yes.) and that means getting your home in tip top shape for your mother-in-law to come through with her white glove treatment. This week, we’ve launched three new mother-in-law-proof window blinds and shades for you to choose from. Be the first on the block to have ’em. They’re exclusive to!

Economy 3/8″ Double Cell Black out Shades

This blackout cell shade is a great, cost-effective solution for covering your windows. It’s only available in a few colors and with limited options, but the quality construction, durability, and long-lasting style make it a great choice for your home. It’s ideal for media rooms, bedrooms, and any other rooms where you might want it totally dark.

Economy 3/8″ Double Cell Light Filtering Shades

This is the light-filtering version of the shade above. The difference here is that this shade allows some light to gently filter through, creating a diffused effect during the day, while still helping you maintain privacy.

Ultimate fuaxwood
The Ultimate Fauxwood Blind

Norman Ultimate Fauxwood Blinds

This is an exciting new fauxwood blind. The slats are 2 1/2″; the larger slat size makes it a bit more modern. It also comes standard with SmartPrivacy® slats, which have smaller, more concealed holes for the strings to go through. This keeps the blind’s slats from moving around and helps them close tighter. You’ll love them.

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