Naked Neighbors, Peeping Toms, and Mothers-in-Law: Why People Need Blinds


I need blinds
We are
currently in the middle of voting for the “I Need Blinds BAD!” contest in which
we asked Facebook users to tell us why they deserved to win the $1,000 shopping
spree to Here are some of the funniest/craziest reasons:

Uh Oh…

“If I
don’t close the door on my tiny spare bathroom the neighbors next door can
watch me …. well, you get the picture!” – Mary B.

Teletubby Sheets Are NOT Draperies

children were 1 and 5 when we moved here. They are now just weeks from being 11
and 14. We still have a Teletubby bedsheet hanging on the window in my closet,
and whatever hand-me-down curtains we could get when we first moved here on
everything else. Teletubbies people! How sad is that?” – Lisa S.

Criticizing from Across the Street

“I have
no window coverings of any sort. My mother-in-law lives next door! You can see
how this can cause a crimp in everyone’s comfort level.” – Shannon M.

Dogs Will Do That…

“My 10
year old Rottweiler, Guinness, likes to greet people as they walk past our
house. In his so elegant way, Guinness tears down the blinds and usually breaks
them off. We are on our 6th set of blinds, not to mention the amount of money
this has cost us. We continue to move the good blinds to keep the window
covered up. We don’t even have matching blinds for both windows because we have
been replacing them year after year and they have been discontinued.” –
Michelle P.

Neighbors Sent Her a Clear Message

fiance and I just bought our first house, and haven’t been able to afford
blinds yet. Our upstairs bathroom is directly across from our neighbor’s
bathroom. When we shower, we have to check and make sure nobody’s watching
before we strip down. One morning, I thought I was being careful as I slipped
into the shower, but when I came out, my neighbor had a surprise waiting for
me. In his steamed up windows he had written in giant letters: AHHHH! PUT SOME
CLOTHES ON!!!! I’m too mortified to go into that
bathroom anymore.” – Heather S.

All They Want Is Some Sleep!

have two boys under 5 who wake up as soon as it’s light out and come running to
our bed. My husband says if we had blinds in their room they would sleep
longer. If my husband had more sleep I would look younger!” – Melissa D.


just bought a new house. All of our blinds from the previous house do not fit
in our new house. We have a LOT
of windows and we’re pretty strapped on money right now. Everyday, I hear at
the LEAST, 10 birds hit the window. Sure enough, it
kills the birds and my 3 outdoor dogs tear them to shreds all over my yard! How
disgusting!” – Sarah R.

Naked Neighbor in His Bathrobe, Yikes

neighbor, let’s call him McCreepy, likes to look in our windows. He stands
outside his house, sometimes in a robe, most of the time nekkid as the day he
was born and looks in our windows. You know what he does then? Yeah, I am not
gonna say it. You can figure it out. We have caught him doing this several
times. The cops never catch him in the act so they don’t do anything about it.
He has a girlfriend, but she works nights. Best part? He likes looking at the
guys when he does this. I have considered getting a paintball gun, but the cops
have advised against this. I guess I need blinds!” – Stacy L.

Nice (But Nosy) Amish Neighbors

husband, two sons, and I live in rural mid-Michigan. From our house, you cannot
see any other farms or homes. It is very isolated and traffic on our gravel
road is very light….until the past few years. Our area has attracted several
(Amish)old order families. “Our road traffic has doubled, but it is horse and
buggy or foot traffic from our new neighbors. We do not have a blind or curtain
in our whole house, a two story century old farm house we have remodeled. Now,
with the new (Amish) neighbors, who seem curious to stare into our home every
time they pass and they pass very slowly in a buggy or on foot. Also, although
they are pleasant people, when they come to our door, there is no warning like
a car engine. They just seem to “appear” at your door window, smile and all! I
am thinking we will need to get blinds to have some privacy as our community
population appears to be growing with people of horse and buggy!” – Joan H.

your favorite? Go to the “I Need Blinds BAD!” contest and help one lucky guy or gal win!

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