Meet New Blinds.commer (and Graphics Whiz!) Rachel

Hello from land! This is Abigail, resident social media gal, and I’d like to introduce you to our latest guest author on The Finishing Touch, Rachel.

Rachel is a fabulous graphic designer who has recently joined our team and we’re thrilled to have her. You may see some of Rachel’s design work sooner than you think. If you order free samples and notice that the sample pack is looking extra spiffy, or get a super cute post card from us in a few weeks, she’s the one to thank.

Without further ado, meet Rachel!

Rachel Smith -

Hi there!

My name is Rachel Smith and I am the latest graphic designer to join the wonderful family that is! I was born and raised in Southern California, adventured through the northwest, received my education in San Diego (with the occasional hop across the border for a secluded Baja surf session) and for the past two years have called the awesome city of Houston, Texas my home.

To me life isn’t about fitting a mold, or being an expectation—it’s about finding excitement in every day that you live and finding inspiration in everything around you. Although I was formally educated in graphic design at a credited university, learning to me isn’t about what’s in a book or classroom. It is about applying yourself to the fullest, getting inspired through your environment and most importantly leaving your comfort zone.

Joining, I knew I would be stepping into a new area of my career—which was something I was more than ready for. What I didn’t expect was to be welcomed by a great team that made me right away feel a part of the family. As I joined everyone for lunch on my first day, we joked and talked as though we had been friends for years. Not to mention it is the coolest building I’ve ever worked in. (Ping-pong lunch breaks? Yes please!) Ping Pong

My first few assignments were great gateway projects because they required me to illustrate blinds, shades and window frames in different specs and styles. If I wasn’t sure about shutter styles or blind sizes, I sure know about them now! And if for some reason I was stuck on an illustration, or just didn’t know where to begin—I was able to go to anyone on our floor and ask for help.

Along with learning through illustrations, I was enrolled in two online classes to help better my current skills and keep me up to date on the latest education tools in my field. Personally- I have always tried to continuously improve, but to be a part of a company that supports that idea? Now that sure is a rarity.

Shutter-Configuration_Cafe-Height Shutter_Stile_Finecraft_Deep-Z-frame Shutter_PreDrill_Predrilled-Holes

Joining was the best decision I made, not only for my career, but also for my personal growth. It is a company that pushes you to best of your ability, supports your off-the-wall ideas, and gives you the tools to let you be the best person that you can become.


Rachel Smith

Isn’t she awesome?! Keep an eye out for many more of Rachel’s illustrations coming soon to

If you’re curious, let me tell you about the three that we featured above.

1. Cafe Shutters – Did you know that you can cover the bottom of your windows with shutters and still keep a clear view out the top? These are very popular in Colonial style homes.

2. Shutter Z-Frame – Can you see the “z”? This style of frame fits around the edge of a window with no decorative molding to give it a more polished look.

3. Shutter Frame Pre-Drilled Holes – We want to make installation crazy simple for you, so we do as much prep work as possible in the factory – including pre-drilled holes. Horray!

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