Manly Super Bowl Decor

Make your Big Game decorating score big!

From beer cans to helmets filled with queso, we’ve all seen our not-so-fair share of groan-worthy decorating audibles when it comes to Super Bowl parties. It’s not too late to make your tailgate a little more classy. Here are just a few tips for manly Super Bowl decor.

Team Themes

One of the easiest ways to bring a little gusto to the gridiron is already pre-packaged for you in the form of team colors. Whether you’re rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers, you can find all kinds of color-themed items in blacks and purples or golds and reds. Silverware, dishes, throw pillows, flags — all of these can easily make your home into the perfect venue for the Super Bowl. Try dividing parts of the viewing room into team areas, with matching colors separating each half respectively. Or present two different types of food choices, each one on team colored dishes.

Want to give your drinks a little more spirit? Beer bottle team jerseys are available online at places like Party City.

Beer Bottle Jersey

Wheatgrass is another valuable tool for decorating. Put it in pots or pans, fill it with team pennants and mini helmets, and you’ve got yourself the kind of Super Bowl conversation piece you don’t see at just any game.

wheatgrass super bowl tray

And if you really want to bring the stadium feel home, there are a number of uses for overstock turf, including coasters, a makeshift rug or even a tabletop.

turf coaster

Food Presentation

Next to the living room, the kitchen/serving area is where your Super Bowl guests will spend most of their time. Here are some simple ideas for dressing up the most important part of your game day experience — the food.

con-tact chalkboard roll super bowl table

Nothing says sports more than scoreboards and chalkboards. One great tool for shifting your table into a party activity is to use Con-Tact® Chalkboard Roll, available at any discount teacher supply. Draw field lines, goal posts, let people make bets or even talk some trash prior to kick-off, all while they’re munching on finger foods.

Super Bowl silverware holder

Football-themed dishes, napkins and silverware holders are easy to come by, if you’re not into color-coordinating. You don’t even have to recreate the shape of the football in your decorations — the brown pigskin and white laces are iconic, and easily translatable to almost anything — cups, card stock wrapped around juice boxes, serving bowls and more.

More Manly Super Bowl Decor Ideas

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