Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – Watch the video!

Are you a Halloween procrastinator? Learn how to make a Halloween mask with everyday craft supplies and complete your costume with simple accessories from home.

Halloween Masks DIY

How To Make An Easy Halloween Mask

This tutorial is perfect for inexpensive adult Halloween costumes or kid’s Halloween costumes. Need a refresher? Here are step-by-step instructions and a few more ideas for using this technique.


1. Hold one sheet of craft paper up to your face to estimate the size of your mask.

2. Use a ballpoint pen to draw the shape of your mask and cut out the shape with an Exacto knife. Make sure you cut on a cutting board or safe cutting surface.


Expert Tip! It can be tough to place the eyes correctly on your mask. Here’s how to get it right: Color the tip of your finger with the ballpoint pen.  Use your finger to ‘draw’ the shape of your eye on the back of the mask while you hold it up to your face.

3. Cut out your eye shapes with the Exacto Knife.

Halloween Mask Princess Frog

4. Decorate with pipe cleaners, sequins, googly eyes, feathers, glitter glue, and anything else you have on hand. We made the princess frog with googly eyes and glitter glue. 

Other Decorating Ideas:

– Cover the entire mask with googly eyes for an avante garde Lady Gaga  look.

– Use silver glitter paper and pipe cleaner antennae for an alien mask.


– Make a cat mask with black foam paper, black pipe cleaners and silver glitter glue.

–  Draw on white foam with a black sharpie to make an awesome storm trooper mask. Wear black and white to complete the look.

5. If you’re wearing the mask for a long time, peel off the adhesive and cover the back with felt. This will make it a little more comfortable.


6. Punch holes in the side of the mask and tie ribbon to each side.


How to make a feather mask for halloween

1. Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil and press it onto your face to mold the shape.

2. Remove the foil and use the Exacto knife to carefully cut out the eyes and the desired shape of your mask.


3. Cover the foil with masking tape on both sides for stiffness. If it loses its shape, simply press it back onto your face and re-mold.

4. Layer on colorful feathers with hot glue, moving outward from the eyes.


5. Line the eye openings with sequins for definition, and place more sequins along the outer feathers if desired.

6. Punch holes on either side and tie a piece of clear elastic between them.


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