Jumping into Blinds.com

Want to get an inside look into what things are really like in the Blinds.complex? Read on to hear what our newest UX designer, David Wen has to say after joining the Blinds.com Family.


Peering over the edge

I have been working for around six years now and I have yet to experience a culture as unique as Blinds.com.  After all, they were voted Best Place to Work in Houston.

The Jump

Starting at a new company is always nerve-wracking.  Learning about the development environment, the code base, the work flow and your teammate’s personalities and skill sets, especially at Munchkin and D&D over lunch, can make anybody’s head spin.

Blinds.com handles things differently. My first week was filled with fifteen different meetings with the heads of each department (Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, et al.). It’s not every day you get the chance to learn about cloud computing in the morning and EBITDA in the afternoon. Everybody stressed the fact that I could come in and talk to them at any time.

Everybody also encouraged me to continuously suggest ways to improve the company.

The Landing

Of the five core values, I would try to tell you my favorite but it’s so hard to pick one.  Ok, I’ll try.  Blinddotcomers are improving continuously 24/7; People aren’t just coming to work remotely or in-person, they know how their skills fit in to the big picture for every project.  These skills aren’t always related to your professional career either.  I enjoy reading our giant white board where everybody writes their personal goals.  I have seen goals ranging from finishing Insanity workouts to writing a research paper about call centers. Better yet, if I have an idea, I become the project owner and own it from ideation to production all the while giving our customers, whether over the phonewebsite or Face2Face, the best experience possible. And if I don’t have the skills, I can receive internal or external training.

The wall in our office where employees write how they are improving continuously

The wall in our office where employees write how they are improving continuously

I am thrilled I took the leap.  As we keep growing, I look forward to continuously improving our online experience, my team and myself especially in Munchkin and D&D.

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