Indulge in the Exotic: 3 Styles From Around the World

Summer’s not just about the warm weather – it’s about where you go to escape the heat! We know many of you are going on vacations this summer and perhaps to exotic places! Why not bring home a souvenir that will remind you of your trip while adding a whole new style to your room?

Check out these 3 ideas for incorporating exotic vacation buys into your home:

Chinoiserie Textiles

Textiles are such an easy item to transport and they add so much character to a room. If you’re going to the Far East, pick up a few colorful fabrics to use for reupholstering your chairs. It’s an affordable way to make a big change.

Rich and Colorful Rugs

This gorgeous living room in New Delhi wouldn’t be the same without its colorful accent rugs. India is internationally known for its stunning tapestries and bringing one home is a great way to display a chic memoir from your trip.

Don’t limit yourself to keeping carpet on the floor – this Tibetan rug really jazzes up the wall. If you’re concerned about your carpet getting dirty on the ground or if you want to show off your snazzy flooring, displaying your carpet as wall decor is a great option.

Mediterranean Light Fixtures

The hammered tin lanterns create a stunning focal point in this room. If you find an interesting piece like this while on vacation, bring it home with you! There’s no better way to accent a room than with unique pieces from a foreign land!

Let us know where you want to go for a summer getaway & what you’d bring back!

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