How to Shop for Blinds Online is very,
very excited about the launch of the newest video in our arsenal, “How to Shop
for Window Coverings Online.” Some of you are super savvy, and already know how
to shop online for just about everything from window treatments to tires. But
believe it or not, not everyone is as comfortable with the idea. There are
several reasons why people choose to buy in-store and spend more:

1. Fear that they have measured

2. Fear that the color they see
online will not look the same as it does online.

3. Some people just want to be able
to touch and feel a product before purchasing. 

4. Some are afraid of having to
measure and install anything, especially custom window treatments.

In an effort to make customers and potential customers feel more confident that the
process is fun, easy, and money-saving, we produced the video below, featuring the
newest addition to the family, Sunny the Dog. Leave her some love,
and let her know whether the video helped YOU feel more secure about buying
blinds online.

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