How to Cover a Trapezoid Window

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Everyone knows all windows are different, but not everyone knows how to deal with them!   Specialty shapes are wonderfully unique, but how do you cover these spectral window openings?  Let’s find out:

Angle top windows are a common look in many homes.  And winter or summer, these west-facing windows typically take on a lot of direct sun light.

As you can see below, customer Chris has a challenging window covering.  So with some expert knowledge on specialty shapes, let’s help him find a good option in window treatment.


Chris wanted to ideally cover the entire window with a blind or shade, but would be okay to have just the rectangular part covered as long as no rail or bar obstructs his beautiful view.

In the industry, these are known as either trapezoid windows, or more specifically, Angle Top Windows.  The common and most popular solution for covering them is to employ Bali cellular shades.   On an Angle Top window, the shade will only raise to the lowest portion of the window, so essentially, to the top of the rectangle.

angle top

The nice advantage to ordering the Bali cell shade is that they do not require a traced template of the window.  A custom form would however need to be filled out by a Design Consultant so placing this order over the phone would be a must.

What Needs to be Measured:

angle top 2

If you prefer the look of a wood product in comparison though, another option would be the Cartwright Wood Shutter.    You would also need to call in to place this order over the phone.

Ideally, most people opt for a honeycomb cellular shade for their opening.   Again, the rectangle portion below would be operable, and the triangle above the rectangle would NOT be operable.  The only available lift control would be a standard pull cord.  This feature would also always be on the lower side of the Angle Top.

TIP:  Angle Top Windows are not available with side mount installation hardware.

Here Are The Available Specs for Angle Top Windows Through Bali:

Photo Courtesy Of SWF Connect

For more information on how to place an order for an Angle Top or any other Specialty Shape, call in to speak with a Design Consultant at (800) 505-1905, press 1.  Hours of operation are 7am-7pm M-F and 9am-5pm Sat/Sun.

P.S. Take a look at this post on window coverings for odd shaped or trapezoid windows for more help.

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    I also have the trapezoid windows and a few hexagon, I am looking for something stationary that doesn't need to go up or down. Any suggestions?

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