Pinterest Fab 4: Home and Honeycombs

Pinterest honeycomb pallet

If you’re giving your home a complete overhaul or continually tweaking your interior design like me, I hope you find some inspiration from a few of my favorite things on Pinterest:

  1. Prudent Baby– Behind the name are two fabulous bloggers, Jacinda and Jaime, who share tons of easy home sewing tutorials in the most whimsical fabrics. Follow their fabric and sewing tutorials boards to see how these prints could liven up your home. Also, check out Jaime’s video about creating a custom frame wall. It’d be perfect for a kid’s bedroom, craft space, or living room.
  2. Jenny Steffens Hobick– She is a former event planner who lives in the cutest town I’ve ever been to – Concord, Massachusetts. I was crushed to find out she lived there after my visit, or else a lot more stalking would have gone down. My favorite thing about her boards is her spot on taste for elegant, classic home decorating. She and her husband have just purchased a new home, so lucky for us, we’ll be able to track her design inspiration through the process via her room decor inspiration boards. (Maybe I’ll have a chance to do a little stalking after all…)
  3. Honeycombs!– Babble is a great resource for finding the best way to incorporate the latest design trends into your home. I’ve seen an adorable motif sweeping Pinterest- honeycombs!  I especially love the Honeycomb Shelf tutorial in Babble’s list. Another fitting addition to this list would be the wide array of energy efficient (and on trend!) Honeycomb Shades now on sale at!
  4. Pallet Wood– Another hot design trend is using pallet wood in home decor. Pallet wood is often a little beaten up, which makes it perfect for rustic decor projects like this industrial coffee table. Many companies give it away for free, so you can update your home with only a little bit of TLC. There are a few potential hazards with using Pallet Wood, so take a look at funky junk interiors’ post before you go hunting for some of your own.

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    This is such wonderful information!  I can’t wait to begin one or two of these projects when my kids start school in a few weeks.  Keep up the great work!

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