Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day – the perfect time for some of the Blinds.com team to reflect on ladies in our lives that have made a difference, challenged us, taught us and loved us.

Stephanie Pertuit – Online Marketing Manager



A woman who has impacted my life:
My grandmother, Claudia Talbot, a woman who survived tuberculosis in the 1940s, willingly   undergoing experimental surgery at the time, only to live into her 80s. She taught me that you can  get through anything if you have the gumption and humor. Oh, and how to play gin rummy. Plus,  she helped raise the most resilient woman I know, my Mom.

A style influencer:  
Hands down Audrey Hepburn. Her classic look, giving nature and devotion to family has always spoken to me. If I could move with her level of grace, I’d be so ecstatic I’d probably fall over.


Sharon Scheckter – Customer Service Manager

A woman who impacted my life:
That’s pretty easy, my mother, she is an amazingly strong and courageous  woman. Growing up in South Africa under the oppressive apartheid regime was not easy and my mother,involving my late dad,my brother and myself, was very proactive in working with many underprivileged children and organizations in our town. I spent many a weekend with my mother raising money, collecting books and carpets for the classrooms for children in black schools.

She worked relentlessly to improve the conditions in the school system and one of the school auditorium’s is named after her, as a token of appreciation for all the work they did over the years.  As a speech therapist my mother has so much compassion and patience for children with speech impediments  and/ or stroke victims and she taught us to be kind and caring members of society.

At the age of 80 (after my dad died) she immigrated to Australia to start a new life and has settled amazingly well. She still plays an active roll in the collection of old text books and supplies in Australia and then sent in a container to South Africa  The greatest  lesson she taught me is “ life may throw many adverse things your way but it is  not what happens to you ,but the attitude you have towards it.”

A woman who impacted my style: 
My friend Franki, she has an amazing eye for what looks good on all figure types and over the years my figure has expanded and contracted multiple times.  She has dressed me for many family functions and has never missed.  She has a natural flare for picking out combinations that on a hanger doesn’t say much, but with her knack are knockouts. She is great with accessories and by adding a bangle or scarf she  turns ordinary into elegant.


Mindy Schulz – Customer Care Specialist


I am very fortunate to have been influenced by many different women in my life, and can especially thank the wonderful talk show host, Ellen Degeneres as well!

I watch The Ellen Show every single day after work and strive to bring happiness, laughter and good to everyone around me –  just as she does on her show.  Ellen truly is a one-of-a-kind woman who inspires people of all ages and genders.  She encourages people to be kind, to give back, to be aware, and to have the confidence to be themselves.  I watch her show daily because she brings added joy in my everyday life.

Ellen really brings happiness to everyone that watches her show and gives back to so many people in need.  She encourages people to “be kind”  and ends every show with “be kind to one another.”  She has taught me to continue to dream, be true to myself, and never give up for what I stand for.  The Ellen Show really does inspire everyday people to make a change!

Shannon Campbell – Operations Project Coordinator

Sometimes you never know when you are in the presence of greatness and then one day you grow up and you have your AH HA! moment.   My moment hit me in my twenty’s when my mother informed my brother and myself that she would no longer be able to work due to her illness becoming increasingly worse.   In that moment we decided as a family how we would make this new hurdle work in our lives.  We came together as a family much like we had done in previous years.

My mother taught me that no matter what obstacles come in your way if you really want something you have to fight for it.  She has been fighting her disease for 17 years and she still has not given up hope.   She is what binds our family and makes us whole, she gives us strength when we think we have none but most of all she gives us hope.  She is the single most important woman that has impacted my life and continues to forever change it with her presence.

Trini Barton – Accounting Manager <3


There are 3 people who have been most influential in my life:  Mom, Teresa (sister) and Madonna.

My mom has always been a business woman and in one of the most male dominated industries (especially in the 70s – 90s) which is the oilfield.  She worked along many headstrong and let’s just say chauvinistic men.  It didn’t matter what anyone told her, she continued to excel and grow in an industry that looked down on women.  She started her own business in the 90s and had to fight that much harder to earn their business.  She has taught me to stand up for myself, look fear in its eyes and be yourself.  If you don’t make it, at least you gave it your best.

My sister, Teresa, has been fighting cancer off and on for over 10 years and it has never been more apparent of her emotional and physical struggles as the past 2 years.  I witnessed her in a coma with only a few days to live and then bounce back within a month.  Her will to fight and beat two different types of cancer made me realize I can overcome any obstacle and I need to LIVE for myself.  Because of this, I truly looked at my life and have divorced a horrible person and lost 40 pounds.  I have never been happier and more in love with myself!

Lastly, I would say a lot of my outgoing and headstrong personality has been influenced not only by my mother but from Madonna.  She has been an icon all my life and has always expressed herself as she pleases.  People have judged, criticized, ridiculed and praised her for all of her past decisions.  As a child and teenager, I witnessed how she developed over the years and never backed down from her thoughts no matter how bold they may have been.  I have always respected that and I believe she is a very strong reason why I have the vivid personality that I do have and why I love Blinds.com so much for allowing me to express it without penalty.

Katie Laird – PR and Social Media Manager

A woman who has impacted my life: 
I’ve been influenced by so many great woman throughout my life – but today I’m reflecting on my amazing grandmother, Ella Derr.  She raised two girls on her own after losing her husband to WWII injuries, all while working a full-time sales clerk job in Kaufmann’s and  managing to look beautiful and fashionable with an amazing sense of grace and style all the while.

She taught me the importance of family, of gathering together over food and great conversation and raised two of the most spectacularly loving, funny and warm women I’ve ever met (my mom and aunt).  They broke the mold with that one, I’m honored to have her as a major influence in my life and miss her deeply every day.

Amelia Earhart

A style influencer:
Growing up around airplanes, I have long looked up to one of the greatest ladies in aviation:  Amelia Earhart.  She was brilliant, bold, daring and took risks (both physically and socially) that most women of her time simply wouldn’t.

During her lifetime, she was also a fashion icon – paving her own personal style with pieces and cuts that made her feel good, not based on popular trends.  Short hair cuts, pant suits, interesting textile combinations and daring dresses…  I think her focus on expressing herself in a very personal way, no matter what people thought,  has helped shape my own opinion of beauty in my home and wardrobe.  I like what I like and am not afraid to wear it, hang it, sew it or frame it.


Be sure to share your own inspirational women in your lives in the comments below!

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