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As summer rolls in, so do new color trends and finds. Give your home a fresh look this season with the hottest new colors: gold, orchid, dazzling blue and hemlock.

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 Gold and Brass

For years, silver and its cohorts have ruled the world.  But now, gold accented metals are finding their way back in. Make your room sparkle by adding gold and brass accents like coffee tables, wall decor, mirrors, etc.

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Courtesy of Pinterest

gold and brass

Courtesy of Pinterest

Radiant Orchid

The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is the perfect addition to your home this summer. Add a simple radiant orchid throw pillow to your favorite outdoor furniture set, color-themed lanterns to your backyard patio, radiant orchard umbrellas to your favorite lounge chairs, or best yet, dress any bed with radiant orchid bed sheets to jump start your colorful transition.

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 Dazzling Blue

This Pinterest trend is quick and easy to do.  Accents such as flower vases or even just flowers are other quick and easy ways to add color into your life this summer. Create a “dazzling” centerpiece for your table with any of the summer colors.

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Get trendy this summer with the color Hemlock. Celebrate the Luck of the Irish by adding finishes such as rugs, lamps, mirrors, ottomans, and/or chairs throughout any room in your home.


There are many ways to get trendy this summer that no matter your budget, you can join in the fun. So this summer start pinning, get creative, and most of all, get colorful!

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