Get the Look: Don Draper’s Office

We here at the Finishing Touch never quite got into Mad Men. What, with all the shenanigans going on on Dancing With the Stars and Private Practice, who has time? Yes, I’ve been known to watch trash tv, and I’m not apologizing for it. I have managed to catch a Mad Men here and there, and being the design enthusiast I am, I fall in love with the gorgeous set design each time. Though it might seem dated, take a stroll through a Design Within Reach store, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your city. You’ll be amazed how many of those pieces have carried through the decades, remained popular, and are now on sale (or copies are on sale) at DWR. Of course, I noticed the window treatments:

Don draper office

If you covet this look and want to recreate it in your own office, you’ll need those draperies. They pull the colors of the room together (especially that chair with the burnt orange cushion). The Ultimate Blackout drapery is timeless, and perfect for hiding those rather, um, unsavory behaviors that you don’t want your colleagues knowing about.

Mad men draperies

What say you? Would you decorate your office like Don Draper?

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