Summer Window Projects: Quick and Easy Repairs for Open Window Season


Well-made windows can last for decades if they’re maintained well. These easy fixes will have your windows in tip top shape in time for the open-window weather that’s coming soon.


Loosen Stuck Sliding Windows

Buy silicone spray lubricant at the hardware store to get old windows moving again. Spray lubricant onto a rag and wipe along window tracks. This is safe for metal, plastic, or wood surfaces.


Lubricate a Difficult Window Latch

Open the latch and rub an old candle all over the mechanism. Open and close the latch a few times to fully lubricate. A skinny taper is perfect for getting around intricate hardware.


Clean Window Screens

Dirty screens ruin your view and mess with air quality. Clean them up by pulling off dust with a lint brush or vacuum cleaner. If grime is extra caked-on, remove screens and gently clean with a rag or toothbrush and warm soapy water.

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Patch Holes in Window Screens

Trim existing hole so edges are straight and even. Cut a patch slightly larger than hole and apply with fast drying glue. Use low-tack painter’s tape to hold in place until dry.

how to patch window screen

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Replace Window Screens

If you have a channel frame screen, the mesh is held in place with a plastic string called spline that sits fits a channel. Use a small screwdriver to pry spline out of all four sides of the frame. Cut replacement screening about 1 inch past the channel on all sides.

Replace Window Screens

Remove old spline – via Martha Stewart

Use a spline roller (similar to a blunt pizza cutter) to press the screening into the channel, creating a trough for new spline. Cut spline to the length of the top edge of the frame. Starting in a corner, press spline into the channel using the roller to get a tight fit. Continue along other sides, keeping a tight fit. If a wrinkle appears, remove spline and start over. Remove excess screen with a utility knife. If you are working with wooden molding screens, follow directions here.

Replace Window Screens

Create groove and insert new spline – via Martha Stewart

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Upgrade Blinds with a Natural Touch

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  1. Love the tip about using a candle to loosen up a stubborn window latch. For some reason though I feel like I'd find a way to make replacing my window screens not so simple.

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