Friday Fun: Cocktails for Science

It appears that the dream of every chemistry-loving nerd has just come true: there is now a line of drinkware based upon the iconic look of laboratory glass. The line is called Periodic Tableware and was created by Marshall Jamshidi who had an idea and saw a great opportunity – honoring the hard work of scientists everywhere with…cocktails.

The Drinkware Set

The 200ml Wine Glass

Now all of us Breaking Bad fans can sip our wine in a laboratory beaker as we watch ‘Heisenberg’ work his chemistry magic in the lab.

Not only do these glasses look extremely cool, but imagine the functionality! How convenient to have measurements on the glasses themselves! It’s a great way to control portions and would make drink mixing even easier.

Cocktail Pour

Just watching this video gets you excited: don’t you want to feel like a scientific mastermind concocting some secret solution? No one will question your bartending skills with these – and if they do, you can just tell them that your drink was a scientific experiment gone wrong. These things happen, even to the best – haven’t they seen Young Frankenstein?

The Decanter

So go ahead, experiment without fear of failure (that’s one of our mantras) and have fun with your cocktails!

Is there a nerd in your life who would love this stuff?

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Cheers to a Fun Friday!

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