Fourteen Things You Didn’t Know About

Happy Monday! I have a little secret for you… you ready? Okay, here goes… we sell blinds.

DSC_4714 Yeah, that’s not really a secret. But there are some things you probably don’t know about our little ecommerce company.

I asked each and every employee what they thought might most surprise readers and customers about, and some of the more scintillating responses are posted below:

  1. 40-50% of our staff members are also artists, musicians, and designers.
  2. Regardless of the department a person is hired in, he/she is made to sit in the call center/sales department to listen to calls and see how we interact with our customers
  3. Many of our design consultants and customer services reps can work from home when they’re sick or have a family issue.
  4. We have a Cultural Committee that is responsible for planning office events like fundraisers, carnivals, picnics, and the yearly gala.
  5. We’ve had more babies in 2011 than any other year (eight!).
  6. Every employee gets a gift card and cake for his or her birthday.
  7. Our founder and CEO Jay sings in a barber shop quartet. He also sings in an acapella group.
  8. Our office, the Blinds.complex is equipped with a flux capacitor to help us go back in time when we make mistakes.
  9. Larry, our CIO, is an underwater cave diver. In fact, we have several other employees who are also underwater cave divers (of all things!).
  10. We offer free samples so customers can see and feel the products in their homes before buying.
  11. We were featured in the White House Blog and The Onion in the same week. Not sure which one gave us more satisfaction.
  12. was started in the founder’s garage for $3,000.
  13. We have street signs hanging from the ceiling for every previous office location.
  14. Every Friday, we turn off the phones for 15 minutes and have an all-hands meeting. Try calling us at (800) 505-1905 on Friday at 2 p.m. CST and listen to the message.

And let’s be friends on Facebook, shall we?

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  1. The truth has been told:-)
    As a 4.5 year employee, I will say that this is the best, most enjoyable job I have ever had.

    Thanks to our CEO for experimenting without fear of failure, for being persistent, for being so involved and so dedicated to our growth as well as his!! He only hires people that know how to practice self improvement. He only hires people that have a passion… As he stated once, if someone doesn't have the personality type to be passionate about something, then how could they ever be passionate about their job? Hence the office is so full of artists and happy folks I like to work with:-)

    Need I say thanks to

    This IS an awesome company to work for~ that's for sure:-)

  2. Melody Nelson Reply

    It's my handsome hubby!! We love being a part of the team! 😀

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