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Five Questions with… Dixie Dalton, Design Consultant

By | r October 27, 2009
B Culture

Dixie is more than just a fantastic team member, she is a
barista extraordinaire, a fabulous photographer, and someone whose joy is
infectious. Meet Dixie:

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your free time, what do you love to do?

Wow…  Well, since tv and movies don’t exist in the land of Dixie, taking photos and going to
concerts would have to be my top two!  I
run a photography business out of my home, in addition to working here at….       

you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

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because I love my dog (Arley Madoc Dalton) so much, and he is so smart,
precious, affectionate and spoiled…  I
would have to say that I would want to be a German Shorthaired Pointer
J  How great it would be
able to sleep in the bed, be a vegetarian, only go outside when I wanted to,
and have tons of love from all around!

is your favorite food?

Hmmm…   my favorite food….  Saturday through Thursday I eat extremely
healthy so I would say either Salmon or Falafel…   On Fridays, however, I splurge to all
extreme, so I would say Chocolate Ice Cream or Italian Cream Cake!!

are some tips for being a sales representative?

that I would pass on to someone in training on how to be a successful sales
representative would be:

a. Product
Knowledge is the key…  Learn the products
because the less time I have to spend looking something up, the more I can sell

b. Asking
the Right Questions!

c. Confidence

e. Positive

f. Setting

do you love about working for

a. I love
the casual atmosphere (especially with the move to our new office

b. I love
the presence of our CEO Jay Steinfeld, he is usually pretty refreshing to
and always promotes self worth, improvement and change…  (He even pays for my gym membership)

c. I love
my night crew, they are the best!

d. I love
my hours (1-9pm CST)

e. I also
love the culture and that they give back to the community, and do special
things like this interview!

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