Fake Window Will Brighten Your Case of “The Monday’s”

If you’re chained to a desk all day in a cube or office that has no exterior windows, fear not. Technabob brought this charming little invention to our attention: the Bright Blind. This brainchild of Japanese designers Makoto Hirahara and Hisakazu Nabeshima “is backlit by electroluminescent sheets to provide simulated daylight.” So it’s not just a stinky ol’ lightbulb brightening your space, it’s legit simulated daylight. You can even adjust brightness by tilting the wind. Huzzah! Who needs the sun and Vitamin C and all that good stuff? Now you can stay in your cube for. e. ver. (See: The Sandlot).


Image via freshome


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  1. What an interesting product! I can see how it could totally brighten your workspace.

  2. Thanks Marty, totally agree!

  3. Wow, have a dark corner that could use a window? This is really something!

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