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Spring is here, and the seasonal clean up doesn’t have to be limited to inside spaces. Tidy up your patio for the warmer days ahead. Sweep off the porch, wipe down furniture, wash cushion covers, and hang some exterior shades to keep your space cool and comfortable.

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Solar shades are made with solar screen fabric that is available with varying degrees of light blockage ranging from 60- 90%. Fabrics with higher light blockage ratings will give superior UV protection, but allow for less visibility. They are most popular in southern climates where summers are longer and heat is more intense.

If you want to keep your great view, but still need moderate sun protection for family or fragile furniture, choose a fabric with a lower light blockage. These weaves let some natural light in, but keep out glare.

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Coolaroo shades are made with top quality fabrics with designer colors and patterns that you wont find anywhere else. These shades have the most polished look and are perfect for spaces that are highly visible. All mechanisms are housed in a headrail that is painted to coordinate with fabric perfectly.

Coolaroo outdoor shades are a customer favorite because they can be made at the widest lengths of any shade we offer. Get a continuous shade at up to 12 feet wide for an uninterrupted look. Brand Exterior Sun Shades Brand Exterior Solar Shades Brand Exterior Solar Shades in Caribbean with Elite Motorization

All solar shades are produced with stainless steel hardware that won’t tarnish, fade or chip, and can stand up to the elements. Wind tie downs come included to keep your shade stable even in high wind conditions. Outdoor shades can be used to keep patios cool and comfortable as pictured above, or they can be hung on the exterior of windows to stop the sun’s heat before it enters your home. Brand Exterior Solar Shades are available with several lift options. The continuous cord loop comes standard, but you can upgrade to a titanium pole and crank control or the elite motorized lift system for added convenience. If you choose motorization, each shade will come equipped with a remote control. Brand Exterior Porch Shades

Although solar screen shades block sun during the day, they become translucent against a lighted space in the evening, and offer no privacy. If you want to keep out prying eyes for a jacuzzi or other feature in an outdoor space, the Exterior Porch Shades are a perfect choice.

During the day these woven wood shades block glare and give a tropical feel. The American Basswood staves are finished with weather-proof, mildew resistant colors for a lasting look. Heavy duty cords and wind ties help these shades stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions.


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  1. Thanks for listing out some of the pros and cons of solar screen shades. A friend of mine has similar blinds for his patio. My wife wants to get some too. I'll have to show her this post. Thanks!

  2. I absolutely love the idea of having outdoor blinds! Sometimes my family will sit on the patio, but the sun will be shining right on us and can be very bright, and also very hot. It would be so nice to get shades like this that can be lowered as needed. That way, you can have them open at night or when you want to see out, but then when it is really hot you can lower them. Thank you for sharing the pictures of all these different styles of shades! I will definitely look into getting some soon!

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