Editor’s Pick: Enclosed Blinds Are a Simple, Child Safe Solution

Once in
awhile, a product comes along that is so exciting and innovative, that it’s
totally worth a blog post dedicated to ONLY it. One such product has come
through the door of the Blinds.Complex. ODL Enclosed Blinds are sleek, energy
efficient, and super safe for homes with kids and pets. They’re truly
revolutionary. Enclosed Blinds increase thermal efficiency up to 104%. I don’t know about you, but I’d
love to watch my energy bill deflate, even as it gets colder this
winter. I get asked about Enclosed Blinds a lot, and I highly recommend them if
you have steel or fiberglass doors. You won’t have to worry about dangerous
cords in your home anymore.

not complicated; the blind is actually sealed between two pieces of tempered
safety glass. Cellular shades and aluminum miniblinds are available. Because
the blind is enclosed (obviously), it’s controlled via the Light-Touch
operating system. 


Enclosed Cellular Shade


Enclosed Cellular Shades


Enclosed Aluminum Blind


Child-safe Enclosed Aluminum Blind


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