Eco-friendly: How to clean out before you clean up!


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While working recycling into your home schedule is a great idea (and one we’ll be talking about more!), there’s nothing better for the planet than using less and re-using what you’ve already got.

But what happens when you’ve got a house, closet or garage full of stuff that you’d like to see gone – we love donating to Goodwill and local shelters, but even we were surprised at some of the cool tools we had previously overlooked!


Glad you asked, because we’ve wondered the same thing.  Here are a few great ideas from GOOD magazine on sites to help you get rid of that clutter to keep the re-use magic going.  You may even make a little moolah!

  1. is quite possibly the quickest and simplest way to get some of your goods online for the world to see (and buy, but that’s not what you’re there for right!?).
  2. Karmagoat is a great site to sell clothing and household goods, except instead of pocketing the cash it all goes to your favorite charity.
  3. Never Liked It Anyway is the answer for ‘what to do with those gifts and gems from the ex’.  Sell jewelry / wedding dresses / other stuff, clean house, fell better.  For a complete unloading, share your break up story to the world (yes, really).

Need a few other sites to help give you an extra push for your next de-cluttering project?  Here are a few of our favorite sites on doing the clean out deed:

  • Unclutterer – this great blog tackles all sorts of cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering topics.
  • Zenhabits – whether you want to simplify your life or clean out your home, this site has something for you.
  • JustGive – this site houses a powerful local charity search engine, so whether you want to donate a set of furniture, old winter clothes or an internal organ you know just where to go in your community.
  • 18 simple tips to declutter your home by going green – We love these actionable tips by DailyGreen, bet you will too.
  • Neighborgoods – If you’re pondering whether to buy that leaf blower, check out this site instead.  It’s a neighborhood-based site helping connect tools and other expensive / space intensive items so you can loan and borrow, instead of buy and store.

What are your favorite tips to helping de-clutter your home?  

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share online your favorite go-green tips to win one of our fabulous Eco-Goody Baskets!

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