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Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

dorm decor win2 Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Now that you’ve settled into the dorm are your walls looking a little bare? In any small living space it can be a challenge to find a wall covering solution that is proportional to the size of the room and conforms university restrictions. We have several ideas that will help you cover up that bad paint job and surround yourself with things you love. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for our Dream Dorm Question of the week! Leave an answer in the comments and you’ll be entered to win one of our Dream Dorm Prize Packs!

Arrange a Gallery Wall

dorm room style Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

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A gallery wall will make a sophisticated statement when frames in gold and black are mixed, like in the image above. Start looking for pieces in thrift stores and antique shops. When you gather a collection of prints and other hangables, measure your wall space and tape it off in masking tape on the floor. That way you can try a few different combinations without making extra holes in the wall.  A quirky find like an odd vintage portrait will become a conversation piece when it is nestled among other objects.

gallery wall Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

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A well edited wall will bring visual impact while making the room feel open and airy.


Roll and Tumble letterpress prints Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Image Via Etsy- Roll and Tumble Press

Roll and Tumble‘s hand printed letterpress prints will give your walls some vintage flair.

photo board Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Image via pinterest

If frames aren’t your thing, grab an oversized display board and change up the look of your wall whenever inspiration strikes.

photo collage Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Or, adorn your wall with photos arranged in a fun shape. All you need is some double stick tape!


Truly Unique College Posters

poster Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Image via designworklife.

Almost every college dorm room has a poster hanging in it, and for good reason. Posters fill a lot of wall space and can make a big impact. But, if you choose to follow this long standing tradition, choose something that stands out from the crowd. Brandt Brinkerhoff and Katherine Walker’s neon and newsprint posters are unexpected and thought provoking.

Chicago Anderson Design Group Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Image via

These americana posters by the Anderson Design Group are available on Global Gallery. Find one that reminds you of your roots if you’re going to school far from home.

Architects plans Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Image via 

Architect’s plans (what blueprints are called nowadays) come in oversized sheets and are often thrown out after projects are completed. Give an architecture or engineering major’s  room a really cool look by filling a wall with these. Ask a local architect if they have any out of date plans to donate. Giving this paper a second life makes this an eco-conscious choice!

future map Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

This wall sized map from The Future Mapping Company displays the countries of the world in their correct geographical size. Plus, it’s magnetized, so it doubles as a wall sized bulletin board for homework, reminders and travel photos.

Give Your Dorm Wall Some Personality With Wall Decals

blik hole to another universe Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

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Surprise your friends with these off beat wall decals from Blik. You can win a $50 gift card to Blik in our Design Dorm Prize Pack! Enter by answering our dorm decor question in the comment section of any of this month’s dorm decor posts.

Blik Headboard decal Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

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Use this decal (also from blik) to give your bed a kitschy headboard with no worries about wall damage when you move out! Comment to win this decal too!

painting wall 11291581001pYx Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Image via

Get around that no painting rule! This paintable wallpaper from dormco peels and sticks to your walls, so you can paint them and then peel it away when it’s time to move out.

Don’t Forget the Windows! drapes for dorm Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Lucerne Wanda Pleated Panels from

Highlight your beautiful new wall art with a shade that will keep your display looking its best. Protect light sensitive items (or turn your dorm into a home theater) with a blackout curtain from  Allow pieces with metallic accents to be seen in the natural light with floaty, opaque window covering like our Lucerne Wanda Pleated Panels.


Dream Dorm Decor Giveaway!

Ready to customize your own Dream Dorm wall space or have a favorite dorm dweller that could use some fun prizes?  Read our ‘Dream Dorm Decor’ giveway rules here!

Dream Dorm Décor giveaway prize packs (2):

dormrockstar Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

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designerdorm Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls


Another chance to win – leave a comment!

This week’s question: What’s your dream dorm style for wall decor? Minimalist chic or cozy eclectic?

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