Draperies, Rods and Finials: Getting Started with Drapery Hardware

You’ve picked out the perfect chairs, paired them with the beautiful rug from Flokati you’ve been eyeing, and painted your walls the most delectable shade crème brulee. You even splurged for those gorgeous end tables by Anthony Marschak of Modern Bamboo. And now it’s time to finish off that room!

Decorating Commandment #9: I will always adorn my windows with draperies, rods, and finials.

If draperies do for windows what a great haircut does for your face, then the perfect rods and finials are like earrings for your room; they can be understated and still make a statement. Draperies and drapery accessories are a major source of confusion for even the most skilled designer, so fear not, ambitious home decorator. Ever seen your neighbor’s “interesting” shower curtain-looking draperies hanging from what might be PVC pipe? Yeah. Don’t let that be you.

The key is to be true to the style of the room.


Metal Rods and Finials

Perfect for these room styles: Modern, Formal, Tailored, Urban, Eclectic










Wooden Rods and Finials

Perfect for these room styles: Casual, Frilly, Country, Lodge, Eclectic







Esthers_extra : Hide that ugly bar with a cornice, if you prefer. Choose a lovely all-wood cornice instead of rods and finials. They add a touch of classic style and they’re a great way to spice up a window if you already have draperies and don’t want to change them, but your hardware is less than appealing.

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  1. Hannah Reply


    I am shopping for draperies, and I was going to just get a basic drapery rod, but these are so eye-catching. The room I am redecorating has a very country cottage look. I really like those wooden finials, they'd be perfect. Where can I find them?

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