Dorm kitchens and bathrooms – how to survive in style

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Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?

Although on-campus dining is a necessity when you need to grab a bite in between classes, there will come a point when you just can’t eat that greasy cafeteria pizza any more. Get the tools you need for basic food prep.

Corelle global stripes dorm plates

This Global Stripes dinnerware set from Corelle has a great graphic pattern and won’t chip or break.


Potter's Workshop Dinnerware

For a truly eclectic look, mix and match this Potter’s Workshop Tableware from West Elm. Plus it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.


One meal you’ll be sure to eat in the dorm is breakfast. No matter how good your intentions, you probably won’t make it to the cafeteria before your 8 am lab. Never eat soggy cereal again on those crazy mornings with the innovatively designed Obol. It’s also great for soup and crackers, cookies and milk, or chips and dip.

Keurig Mini Plus

If you’re a coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) drinker it’s nice to have a one-cup coffee brewer like the Keurig Mini Plus. That way there’s no pot to wash, you can pick a new flavor every day, and it makes just enough to fill your travel mug on the way to class.

Make your dorm feel like home with the perfect mug (or 10). These homegrown monogram mugs from Anthropologie will make you smile as you sip and are pretty enough to put on display.

Atmark 2.0 mug

The Atmark 2.0 mug  speaks to your inner techie. It’s handle is for more than just looks though. It’s designed to give you the perfect grip and make sure none of your digits feel left out.

When you need to take your drinks on the go, convert your favorite canning jar into a travel mug with the Cuppow spout converter.

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Corsage shower curtain urban outfitters

A graphic shower curtain, like this one from urban outfitters, will brighten up to a drab bath space. If your dorm bathroom has built in shower doors, you can still hang a patterned shower curtain with an inexpensive tension rod.

abstract shower curtain urban outfitters

This Abstract Shower Curtain is anything but boring, and could also be used as a room divider or closet partition.

Bask Shower Caddy Container Store

This is the hardest working shower caddy in the world when it comes to storage. It has three roomy baskets for all of you and your roommates’ stuff and  its two hooks allow it to hang from a shower head, curtain rod or towel rod.

Grassy toothbrush holder Container Store

Add some whimsy to your bathroom counter with this Grassy Toothbrush Holder from Umbra. You can also use it to hold pens, pencils, or your phone on your desk.

Don’t Forget the Windows! Collegiate Roller Shades

Now that football season is in full swing, take your team spirit to your windows with our Collegiate Roller Shades. We have shades available with official logos and team mascots from many of the country’s leading universities. These shades are perfect for any super fan’s game cave, whether it’s in the dorm, basement, or media room.

Dorm Decor Giveaway!

Dream Dorm Decor Giveaway!

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This week’s question: What is (or was) your go-to meal in the dorm?

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  1. My to go meal would be a sandwhich because it is fast and easy to make therefore making it convenient for me to have a full stomach in no time.

  2. Jen Reply

    microwaveable mac and cheese

  3. amweeks Reply

    I was a ramen noodle girl! And one of my college buddies taught me all those years ago to ‘jazz it up’ by cracking an egg into the boiling water right after putting in the noodles. I still occasionally make myself that egg drop ramen soup for lunch…

  4. Djohn78 Reply

    Dorm kitchens? Isn’t that what pizza delivery is for?

  5. Andi Reply

    Lipton Cup A Soup.

  6. Hoa Le Reply

    Definitely ramen noodles (not healthy at all but it was sure quick to make).

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