Dream Dorm Decor: Best Bedding Ever!


In our Dream Dorm Decor Series during the month of September, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite dorm products and design tips to help make your dorm room reflect your personal style.

You may already have the basics, but now it’s time to make your space a less generic and more like home. Read on to find out more about our Dream Dorm Decor Giveaway and be sure to comment on this post for a chance to win!

Ideas for dorm decorating


First thing’s first, you’ve got to have a place to sleep.

That plastic-covered, bed-bug-resistant mattress that’s been used by who knows how many generations before you isn’t going to cut it for the next 8 months. Let’s start from the bottom up. Make that mattress feel a lot more like the pillow top you left at home with a memory foam mattress topper or cotton mattress pad. (Although using both will make your bed insanely comfortable!)

foam matress topper target

Image via Target.com

Next up: Sheets

Bed linens for the dorm can be confusing to purchase, so we’re going to give you a quick rundown of what you need to know. Although manufacturers like to boast about high thread counts, it’s more important to pay attention to the cotton content of the sheet. The more cotton in the weave, the more comfortable the sheet will be. It’s as simple as that.  However stick with a thread count between 200 and 400. Anything less won’t last you very long, and anything more is just going to mean a higher price tag. Many dorm mattresses require extra long twin sheets, so make sure to check your university housing website before you head to the store.

  • 100% cotton sheets and cotton jersey sheets will be ultra comfortable, breathable and easy to wash. They’re the perfect choice if you want
  • If you want a crisper feel when you slide into bed try a cotton percale weave. They are breathable, resist wrinkling, and will last a long time.
  • Now that you finally get to start over with your bedding, if you want hotel quality softness in your sheets, go with a 100% cotton sateen sheet set for the dorm. They are as amazingly soft as Egyptian Cotton sheets, but are much more affordable.
 dorm bed sheets


Top off your bed.

After sheets you’ll need a comforter or blanket to keep you warm.  Find one with an interesting print or design. This is one of the biggest ways you can show off your personal style since the bed may double as a couch and a study zone. It’s nice to have a lighter blanket or quilt for the warmer months and a comforter that you can pull out in the winter. Ask around to see if your dorm is notoriously cold or hot and bring layers accordingly.

karma living dorm bedding

This Boho Chic Quilt from Karma Living would be great for campuses with milder weather.

elizabeth velvet dorm bedding

For a luxe look try the Elizabeth Velvet Collection.

Wesley Bird Wander Duvet Cover

Get a completely unique look with these Dorm Duvet Covers from DENY Designs. Have your custom duvet made with an image from artists

Let’s hear it for the boys!

Surfer stripe duvet cover
 Guys- you can’t go wrong with this surf stripe duvet cover inspired by Guatemalan tapestries.
portland plaid quilt PB Teen
 This Patchwork Quilt from PB Teen will go with anything and can be washed in the machine along with everything else.
BBB Collegiate Bedding
Or, support your team even when you snooze with the Collegiate Bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond. If you’re a die hard fan you’ve got to see the  Collegiate Roller Shades at Blinds.com too.

Throw it all together.

And finally- add the finishing touch to your bed with some fun throw pillows.

karma living pillow

This one from Karma Living is prefect for the aspiring world traveler.

novelty dorm pillows

In the seam‘s canvas pillows printed with vintage subway tokens, cameras, and furry friends will make your friends chuckle when they walk in the door.


Don’t forget the windows!

Keep your dorm from looking banal by jazzing up the windows too! Our featured dorm window covering this week is our Thomas Hicks Window Film. It will let in natural light while ensuring privacy from adjacent dorm windows. It’s especially great for first floor dorms where people may be walking by at all hours of the night. Choose from any of our classic patterns and give your windows a custom look without losing your deposit!

Read on to find out how to win a $50 gift card for decorative window film (and more) from Blinds.com

Thomas Hicks Window Film- Etched Lace


Dream Dorm Decor Giveaway!

Ready to customize your own Dream Dorm sleeping space or have a favorite dorm dweller that could use some fun prizes?  Read our ‘Dream Dorm Decor’ giveway rules here!

Dream Dorm Décor giveaway prize packs (2):

Dorm rockstar decorating giveaway

  • b. $50 iTunes gift card

Designer dorm giveaway


Your first chance to win – leave a comment!

This week’s question:  How would you take a dorm bunk from drab to dream bed?

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  1. wow this is so great! I need something like this. I'm so excited for college Class of 2019!

  2. DMBastian Reply

    Color is always key for me, no matter what the season! I love how a simple change in colors can change your mood 🙂

  3. BlindsDotCom Reply

    Congrats! You’re the winner of our Design Dorm Prize Pack! Shoot us an email at PR@blinds.com so we can get your mailing information. Happy Friday!

  4. Jen Reply

    Nice bedding, lots and lots of pillows with character, and a reading lamp of course!

  5. Tricia Martin Reply

    Love the clean and sleek lines in the first photo.

  6. amweeks Reply

    My roommate & I always tried to match our bedding…usually in nice, bright colors to liven up the room! And in cold winter months in the north, flannel sheets were always cozy!

  7. Djohn78 Reply

    I would love to get a new bed! Back in my college days we had the worst beds!

  8. I would add a foam layer for comfort and a pretty comforter set, with lots of pillows

  9. Hoa Le Reply

    I would take a dorm bunk from drab to dream bed by getting some nice bed sheets and comforter. I like classic, simple, and modern designs. I would also add some decorative pillows in different colors and designs.

  10. When I
    was in college, we made the top bunk into a hangout/fort area. We installed a
    corner shelf to house books and a lamp – these are essential. Without a corner
    shelf, you’re nothing on the top bunk. Of course, we also hung lots of pictures
    on the top bunk walls. The key to happy dorm room living is all about
    organization. If you’re organized, you’re clean. If you’re clean, you’re happy,
    and you probably smell good.

    • BlindsDotCom Reply

      So true LyzaJo. When your bedroom is also your living room you’ve gotta keep it clean. And who doesn’t love a fort? That sounds like so much fun.

  11. By having it all match with the room.

  12. Renee Richardson Reply

    I am loving the canvas pillows. This entire article gave me so many great ideas. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  13. In hotter months, I love the look and light weight of using a colorful tapestry in lieu of a bulky blanket or comforter on my bed. It acts as a nice visual element and is not too toasty to sleep in!

  14. Kathleen Reply

    For dorm beds, less is more to me – I like being able to sprawl on my bed to read, study and watch tv but still look nice. Bright pillows and minimal bedspread all the way.

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