DIY: Paint Fun, Unique Custom Wall Murals on a Budget

Are you the mom or dad of a little Spiderman? Does your princess dream of Disney castles and spinning teacups?

I found this adorable site called Wallnutz (how cute is that?) that lets you create your own murals using large wall stencils and DIY kits. It’s quite ingenious, actually. The kits allow you to paint these yourself in a Paint-by-Number fashion, and who doesn’t love a paint by number? I’m particularly taken with this one:

Wallnutz Animal Mural

Wallnutz Animal Mural

How adorable are these animals? Wallnutz also offers tons of other sticky accessories, from wall stickers, to chalkboard decals, to sticky interactive decals. I love this “Day in the Park” decal, which allows kids to write on the wall, no punishment necessary:

Wallnutz Interactive Wall Decal

Wallnutz Interactive Wall Decal

I can’t imagine a more wonderful gift for a child this holiday season. A beautiful new wall mural would brighten anyone’s celebration, and you have to love the price. These would also make great nursery murals. With redecorating being pricey, it’s a great way to make your sister-in-law jealous, don’t you think? She’ll have no idea you did this yourself! Check out their site and browse their collection, they have a lot of adorable designs.

Happy decorating!


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