DIY: Make Windows Look Taller with Molding

You may have heard this designer trick: Hang draperies a foot or two above the window to instantly make them look taller. Did you know that you can get the same effect with plantation shutters?


Add decorative trim around shutters and your ceilings and windows will instantly look taller. The deceptively easy detailing gives you a classic, custom look. This project involves some carpentry, but if you’re a novice, don’t be nervous. Lisa from The Pennington Point is here to tell us how it’s done.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Pennington lives in the country as a homeschooling mom of 9, and is the queen of home decor tricks that cost practically nothing.

Lisa of The Pennington Point

With so many teenagers at home, she has tried to make her bedroom a safe, comfortable space for mom/teen talks. Her windows needed an update, and Lisa found that the Woodlite Shutters met her needs for privacy and coziness perfectly.

The Pennignton Point Bedroom Makeover

Taking Plantation Shutters to the Next Level

Lisa didn’t stop with just new window coverings.

“I wanted to make them look a bit more grand, more substantial.  So I hopped in the van and went to the hardware store for some trim.  I wanted to widen the windows a bit, so I got a 4″ trim. To stretch the windows to the ceiling, I got a package of beadboard and some smaller trim. In less than 3 hours I was finished with the whole project and my windows are perfection!”

See How Lisa Did It – At The Pennington Point!

How to make windows look taller with molding

Want To Give This Project A Try?

Learn more about Lisa’s window transformation in Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 of her bedroom makeover series.

Learn more about Lisa's Window Transformation
Get Lisa’s farmhouse-chic look with Woodlite Shutters. Find more inspiration to create a Warm Family Space in your home, check out Lisa’s Pinterest board:

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