Designer and Modern Doghouses Fit for Humans


There’s no doubt that we love our pets as much (if not more…
sorry kids) than our own children, so it should come as no surprise to you that
people will go to great lengths to pamper their precious pups. When I set out
to write this post, I had no idea that I would find a staggering number of
websites catering to the fake homes of dogs. And let’s face facts here, people.
Some of these homes can be purchased for the price of a small or used car.
I know it’s appealing to see a little furry creature scurry in and out of a
miniature house, and if money was no object I’d surely buy my little Winnie a Cape Cod Cozy Cottage Kennel, which is more like a small mansion than anything resembling a kennel. In the meantime, I think she’s pretty happy sleeping on my New Kids on the Block
sleeping bag.

All that being said, these doghouses are
ridiculously cute. Especially the ones with draperies. Of course these houses
need blinds and draperies. Dogs are people too, you know?


First, a little plush leopard house with taffeta drapes. Nice tiebacks.

Next we have the Spanish Villa. Notice the light fixtures and Spanish clay tile roofing.


No window treatments on this fancy little trailer. Like any good eco-conscious dog, this Westie has his clothes drying in wind.


Might be the most spoiled dog in all the world. Her room is nicer than mine.


I like the Danish inspiration on the Cape Cod Cozy Cottage Kennel. The scalloped edge on the roof is a nice touch, as are the outdoor shutters.


Nice draperies with bone-shaped valances. Oh yeah, and AIR CONDITIONING.

What do you think, Winnie?

She likes ’em.

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