Design Ideas: Roman Shades

Mini-trend alert! One of our favorite product categories has been experiencing a rebirth in popularity over the last few months. Roman shades are nothing new, they’ve been a favorite among homeowners for a long time. But we’ve been noticing an increase in their popularity. In case you’re looking for new window treatments, and want to go with something a little unusual but still chic and beautiful, roman shades might be the way to go. We’re falling in love with roman shades all over again.

Stick to neutral tones and you can't go wrong.

I love that they’re so customizable. They’re great for spaces that use a neutral palette because you can easily add a pop of color. You can also stick to neutral tones if you prefer.

Surprise guests with a pop of color in your kitchen

Another great reason to go with roman shades is that they’re child-safe, if you order them cordless. They’re also great light blockers, so when they’re lowered, you’ll keep the sunlight out completely and maintain your privacy.

Cordless roman shades are perfect for a little girl's room.

This is actually a customer-submitted photo. I love the look of this relaxed roman shade! It’s a very unique, non-traditional style, but still looks beautifully modern.


Roman shades truly marry form with function. You can’t go wrong in a casual OR formal space with this classic option.

Shop for roman shades at and if you have any design questions, send them my way.


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