Design Help From Your Smartphone – 5 DIY Apps


Smartphones are capable of doing so much these days, so it is no surprise they can act as your personal Design Consultant as well!  Check out the following DIY Apps to see how you can get started on your next project – its just a touch away!

1.  ColorSmart by BEHR

Ever try and paint your walls the same color as your favorite new throw blanket?  Well thanks to this App, matching colors has never been so easy.  Take a photo of the item you are trying to match, and then, just like that, ColorSmart by BEHR will help you find a paint color that works.  Use the Store Locator to help find a store near you.

2. iHandy Level

Forgot to buy a level for your DIY project?  Fear no more!  The iHandy Level App is a free app that is useful for home decoration, picture alignment, angle measurement, and all your other DIY projects.  Pretty handy right?

3.  Smart Measure Pro (Android) and Dot Measure Pro (iOS)

Well what if you left your tape measure at your cousins house?  Once again, don’t fret!  Check out either of these two smartphone measuring apps.  With the use of the camera lens, both these apps will help you measure the distance, height and width of practically anything in your home – even those really tall objects you just cant reach!

4.  Mark On Call

Design Your Dream Home!  The MOC app will help with all your design problems by allowing you to create blueprints and just really get a feel for the layout and spacing of your pad.  Become the self-confident designer you always wanted to be and dream big.

5. Furnish

Furniture shopping has never been this easy!  With the help of this fabulous app, you can now see what different stylish furniture looks like in your home before even purchasing!  The app is linked to companies like Ikea, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel and is hoping to add more to the list as it grows.  How cool!


‘Try On’ Blinds With Your Phone!

The WIndow Shopper App

Now available for Apple and Android phones

Sometimes, seeing really is believing – we know how important it is to know how great your blinds or shades will look in your home before ordering!

That’s why ‘The Window Shopper’ mobile app is so perfect for our customers – now available for both Android and iPhone users!

Try on blinds with the window shopper app!

Here’s how to use ‘The Window Shopper’ to shop for your home window fashions:

  • Take a photo of your window
  • ‘Try on’ your favorite blinds and shades in a variety of different colors to ensure a perfect look
  • Order free samples delivered to your home
  • Send your photos to your best pal / decorating buddy via email
  • Share on Facebook!!

What are your favorite home decor apps?


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