Decorating with Red

Decorating with red Decorating with Red

Red can be an intimidating color to incorporate in home decor. It’s easy to go over the top, or to predictable. Soft neutrals are effortless little black dress of decorating, but nothing makes a statement like red done right.

Red and Turquoise

An easy way to temper the intensity of red is by pairing it with a cool turquoise. This palate is an unexpected and modern take on this iconic hue.

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Red and Turquoise are a winning combination for a vintage-inspired kitchen.

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Create an eclectic home office with a turquoise upholstered chair and crimson throw pillows.

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Coral and sky blue hues make for a charming striped chaise lounge.

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Cranberry and Sky Blue are poppy accent colors for a black and white bedroom.


Daring Red Prints

Another way to incorporate red is in fearlessly bold prints. These patterned beauties are decorating showstoppers that will never blend into the background.

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Even one red piece can visually transform a room. Especially when it’s a beautiful red floral.

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This candy striped red bedroom is sweet enough to eat. The mixing of pattern orientation and placement makes this look work.

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Take this look to the max with bold printed wallpaper, but keep the rest of the palette simple. Find casual crimson window shades like these here.

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This gutsy mixing of patterns makes for a bedroom you’ll never forget, but the piece de resistance is the painted four poster bed.


Red in the Kitchen

Red is the ultimate choice for country-chic kitchens, but you can also take it modern with high gloss red cabinets and sleek hardware.

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This pop of red calls out to the rural roots of this space, but the clean lines keep it up to date.

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Bright cardinal walls and cabinetry make white appliances and displayed serving pieces pop.

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If painting cabinets is too much of a commitment, why not paint your back door red? The bright white ceiling and dark floors help this look stay grounded.

If you’re unsure about palates for your door, see the Houzz article When to Paint Your Door Bright Red.

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Bring in subtle red accents with painted chairs and fabric window shades.

Find More Ideas for Decorating with Red

In honor of Valentine’s Day we’re pinning all things red and pink in our board, Valentine’s Day Home + Crafts. And, if you’re looking for more red decorating accents, you can shop all of our red window coverings on

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