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Thanks for tuning in to yet another Customer Service FAQ!  In today’s post, we are going to learn how to fix crooked Aluminum Mini Blinds.  Here we go!

Tools Needed:

Level and Flat head screw driver

Step 1:

First do a level check on your blind.  Use a level to determine if the brackets, window and mounting surface are level.

picture 1

Step 2:

Every cordless blind will use a cordless grip handle to operate the product up and down.  It is important to make sure the handle has been installed in the center of the bottom rail so that it can raise and lower evenly.  TIP:  If your blind is wide enough to require 2 clear grip handles, be sure the handles have been installed an equal distance apart from the center.

picture 2

Step 3:

If the blind is still crooked, there are further tips we can try with the blind down and out of the window.  To un-install your blind, raise the blind fully and with a flat head screwdriver, insert the tip between the back of the headrail and the bracket and apply some force.  The bracket should then release its hold from the headrail and you can proceed with taking the blind down.

picture 3

Step 4:

Most Mini Blinds will have what is called a dust cover that hides the internal components of the headrail.   You will want to remove this for further investigation into the problem.  Starting with the top corner, run your finger across the top and apply pressure on the back to remove it.  TIP: Do not remove the end caps.

picture 4

Step 5:

Next, it is important to inspect the internal cording to see if it is twisted or overlapped in the head rail.  If the cords are either twisted or overlapped, proceed by lowering the blind completely and then raising it slowly.  This will allow the cords to wrap flat around the pinion rod in the headrail.

picture 5

Step 6:

You are now ready to begin the installation process, so we will want to start by replacing the dust cover again.  I would also strongly suggest testing the blind again by raising and lowering it several times to ensure proper operation.

picture 6

Step 7:

As long as the blind is operating evenly, you are ready to re-install it!  To re-install the blind, attach the front of the shade to the front of the brackets and push back until you hear it snap into place.


picture 8

And that is how you fix crooked Aluminum Mini Blinds!

If the above tips do not fix your uneven blind, be sure to contact Customer Service for further assistance. customers can reach us at 1 800 505 1905 M-F 7am – 7pm CST time and Sat/Sun 9am-5pm CST time.

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  1. Thanks for the tips on fixing aluminium blinds! I'll try this out on mine. I'm looking into upgrading to plantation shutters to avoid these bent blinds. Do you know anything about the durability of aluminium plantation shutters?

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