Crafty At Home: How to Style Your Home By Layering [Kim from Design Thoughts]

Choosing furniture and sticking to a color scheme can be somewhat intuitive when it comes to decorating.  But after that, things can get a little hairy. One of our favorite designers, Kim teaches us how to style your home with layers.

[Video] How to Style with Layering- Crafty At Home

Kim is an interior designer and blogger at Design Thoughts who lives in Nashville with her husband and son.  She is a DIY fiend who’s not afraid to pull out the paintbrush for an off-the-cuff accent wall or a completely unique work of art to transform a space. Find out more reasons we love Kim.

How To Style Surfaces By Layering

See the difference styling can make!

Styling with layers - before and after

Kim’s Top Tips for Accessorizing Your Home:

1.Create a layered look by grouping pieces with different heights and sizes. 

Bunches of Things

2. Group similar objects. Clusters of shells, rocks, books, and other small items add visual interest without creating clutter.

Styled Bookcase

3. Adding lighting to a surface brings warmth can balance the height of other tall pieces.

Painterly Lampshade - Design Thoughts


4. Style your home with things that have meaning to you. What objects remind you of a story that you could tell guests?

Follow it

5. When styling there’s no need to spend a lot of money. Use what you already have around the house.

Design Thoughts Home Styling Tips


Kim also painted the grey and green cabinet piece you see in the video and photos below. Follow the transformation in this post from earlier this year.

Drawers open

Learn more about styling interiors in this blog post and on Kim’s site, Design Thoughts.

Different Heights

Have a Styling Dilemma?

If you can’t make heads or tails of your space, our design team would be happy to help! Chat with us on Twitter @BlindsDotCom, or Facebook, and we’ll help you get your look just right.

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