Covering an old home’s windows with woven woods


Here’s a juicy confession:  while I work at and love seeing all of our customers’ window transformations, I have secretly been holding out on a few windows in my own home.And it’s not because I don’t love our products.  I’m just in love with our old school cylinder glass windows.  You know the kind you might have seen at your grandparent’s home that look a little wavy and smeary when you look outside?  Let’s just say I got a little over-protective on what would cover those panes.


But the high visibility of the wall of windows in question finally got to me (I mean, how much should my neighbors REALLY know about my Wii Just Dance 3 moves?) and I began my window covering search in earnest.

Here’s what I wanted for our living room windows:

  • Natural and warm looking materials
  • Neutral tones to tie in our colorful living space
  • A barrier to protect against those old house drafts
  • Nighttime privacy
  • Daytime visibility
  • Durability so I wouldn’t be nervous about our 5 year old working the shades

‘The Window Shopper’ app is a time saver!

The Window Shopper iPhone appWhat probably helped the most was using our ‘Window Shopper’ iPhone app to take a photo of the actual windows I wanted to cover.  I could virtually try on all of the treatments (and colors) I had in mind and share with family for feedback.

A few clicks and swipes later, I was able to immediately rule out a few of the top runners and was ready to get some color samples in my hands!

Don’t forget to sample!

Call me crazy, but if I can’t order gelato without sampling different flavors – you KNOW I can’t order window treatments without getting free samples to test in my home first.

I recommend hanging up samples in your home for a day or two to see how the colors look once your brain has gotten used to seeing something new on your windows.  Think of how the colors will work with holiday decor, any upcoming paint or furniture changes you’ve got in mind – it all matters!

The finished product

In the end, I went with our beautiful Budget Woven Wood Shades in Bermuda Pecan as I knew they would look stunning, but not break the bank.  The designer edge tape was tempting, but I really wanted to keep our window treatments as neutral as possible – so I kept it super simple.


I added a cream colored privacy liner (attached as I knew I’d never want to use the shade and liner separately) which gives the room the perfect privacy at night and keeps the house darker/cooler when we keep them drawn during the day when we’re out and about.  If this was a bedroom, I absolutely would go with the blackout liner upgrade.

We’re as pleased as can be with the new look of our living room – share a recent window makeover of your own in the comments below for a chance to be a featured window!

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  1. Is it just me, or is installing ( blinds by yourself quite annoying and sort of lonely? I feel like it would be a lot more fun with a person or 2 to help. Hopefully I can find a few people when I move to Edmonton to help me with this housing stuff.

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