Christine Ha (MasterChef Winner) Talks Recipes, Gordon Ramsay, and Experimenting Without Fear at

MasterChef Christine Ha Speaks at

New cookbook author and reality cooking star, Christine Ha, visited the offices of to share her story of experimenting without fear of failure and traded tales from her time cooking with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Christine not only set herself apart as a home cook who could stand the test of intense culinary challenges, but went on to win as the first visually impaired contestant on the show.

Christine Wins MasterChef!

We at are big fans of Christine because she calls Houston her home as we do, and she’s married to our awesome graphic designer, John. As the season aired, MasterChef buzz swept the office with watching parties and lots of water cooler talk about the next round that Christine had gotten through. At the core of are the values of continuous improvement, experimentation without fear of failure, and achieving things you never thought you could – all of which Christine has embodied in her life story and culinary triumph.

Masterchef winner visits

We’re proud to say that has a lot in common with Chrisine and love that she has a place in our little world. She spoke about creative expression and how she retained her personal style under the pressure of the MasterChef challenges. She said, “Everyday we went in there [the MasterChef kitchen] not knowing what was going to happen. We always had that fear of who was going to be going home that day.” She attributes her creative success to finding a balance between staying in her comfort zone and straying too far from who she was to impress the judges.

Masterchef winner visits!

Christine emphasized that creativity is hard work. She said, “Exercising your creative muscles is like exercising any other muscle. You have to do it regularly to really thrive.” She exercises her creative muscles through writing as well as cooking. She is currently pursuing a Master of fine arts in creative writing and has hinted that a memoir is in the works.

Masterchef winner speaks at

Through her husband John, Christine has connected with the culture of in controlling her own destiny as employees are encouraged to do. When she was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis optica she says she chose to, “complain a little bit, feel sorry for myself a little bit, and the one day you just have to get up and move on.” Instead of wallowing and giving up, she threw all of her efforts into the things she loved, writing and cooking.

Hear even more from Christine in the recording of the Google Hangout that was broadcasted live. Listen in for moments from the MasterChef kitchen that didn’t make it on TV and hear stories behind the recipes in her new cookbook.

Christine Ha ‘The Blind Cook’ speaks at

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