Child Safety Month? More Like Child Safety Year


October was Child Safety Month, and that really got
me thinking. EVERY month should be Child Safety Month. One of the things I get
asked most often is “What are the best window treatments for a kid’s room?”
Many parents are squeamish about putting window treatments in their child’s
room, for fear of dangling cords. Those are genuine and
well-deserved concerns.

According to the Parents for Window
Blind Safety
, “there are window blinds and corded window treatments being
sold at department stores, hardware stores and discount stores that do not have
the inner cord stoppers on the products.”  All products are up
to date with the most current technology and best quality inner cord stoppers,
which is extremely important to our manufacturers and to us. Parents for Window
Blinds Safety also urge parents to use cordless blinds, as they are the
safest options. The added benefit? Cordless blinds and shades are extremely
sleek and stylish and the option is available on almost all the most popular
blinds, shades, and draperies (all shutters are cordless).

1.The Completely Cordless Mini Blind is the classic and affordable option you’ve trusted for years, but now has no cords and is safe for kids and pets. 

cordless aluminum blind

2. Roller shades have really
increased in popularity in 2008. Stylish, sleek, and super easy to install,
these room darkening roller shades from
Bali are unbelievable. They’re available in lots of colors, and again, available
cordless, like the ones shown here.



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3. I also love shutters as a
safe choice in rooms where children spend a lot of time. They’re extremely
tough, and never have any cords to worry about. Children tend to open these by
tilting the slats with their hands; it doesn’t get much safer than that. This Fauxwood Shutter is great-looking and one of the most affordable
shutters available.


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The Window Covering Safety Council
has a great list
of ways to retrofit your blinds and shades to make sure your corded blinds are kid-safe
if you do have cords or loops. In fact, you can order a FREE
retrofit kit
, which many of our customers have done with great success.

Parents, urge your children’s
schools to retrofit blinds and shades or install cordless blinds and shades in
all classrooms, multi-purpose rooms and any other room to which a child might
have access. Insist that all day cares and babysitters have cordless blinds in
their centers or homes.

There are lots of other safe choices
available, these are just some of my tried-and-true favorites. By doing these things, your
children will be well-protected and you’ll feel good about giving them the
freedom to be children.

What have you done in your home to keep your kids safe?

Happy (and safe) decorating,


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  1. Hi

    Good to see that the industry is trying to tackle this problem head long. Your combination of blinds in the middle photograph creates a great visual impact.

  2. Hi,

    Nice article…. nice decoration has done for child …..good keep it up…

  3. Esther Reply


    These are some of the sturdiest roller shades out there, and you shouldn't have a problem! If you're worried, go read what other customers have said about the product. I'm so glad you like them… I like them too 🙂 You'll have to send me some pictures once you've put them up!

  4. Cynthia Reply

    Wow, I love those striped roller shades! I'm in the middle of redoing my son's room, I might just have to go for them. Since they're cordless, do you think they'll work for a long time, even after lots of use? My son likes to keep them up during the day, so we'd operate them every day.

    Thanks, Cynthia

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