Cordless Blinds for Child Safety

Safety and style Cordless Blinds for Child Safety


piggy bank Cordless Blinds for Child Safety

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Cordless blinds Cordless Blinds for Child Safety




Blinds Safety Cordless Blinds for Child Safety

Anyone with kids and pets knows that if there’s something dangerous in the house, our little ones will find a way to… well, find it. Unfortunately, window cords that are accessible to small children can quickly turn from playthings to choking hazards. There have been over 500 reports of harmful or fatal injuries involving corded window blinds and shades in the last few decades.

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More Window Safety Tips

Learn how to childproof blinds and shades with these simple tips.

child safe blinds Cordless Blinds for Child Safety

  • Only use cordless window treatments in children’s sleeping areas.
  • Replace any blinds or shades manufactured before 2001 with modern, safer products.
  • Move all cribs, beds, furniture and toys away from corded windows.
  • Keep all blind and shade cords out
    of a child’s reach.
  • Make sure tasseled pull cords are short and continuous loop cords are anchored to the wall or floor.
  • Lock cords into position whenever blinds are lowered, including when they rest on a windowsill.


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