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We have so many different kinds of windows in our homes, it can sometimes be confusing which type of blind or shade is best for each window. See today’s letter for some advice on which type of blinds are best for doors.


I’m interested in the single cell blinds for two back doors.  Is this a good choice?  I need them to filter sunlight and to add  some privacy.

Thanks, Brenda


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Thanks for your question. We get this question a lot! Windows on doors can sometimes pose a challenge because the opening and closing of the doors makes the blinds rattle and move around… not exactly the most user-friendly experience. A lot of people want to preserve the view outside through their glass doors, but want privacy at night and when they’re not home.

Blinds for doors
The shade you mentioned, the single cell honeycomb shade, would be an ideal choice for your two back doors. If you choose a light filtering shade instead of a blackout shade, you’ll get that light filtering effect you’re looking and you’ll get the privacy you desire. Plus, when they’re raise, you’ll barely see them, allowing you to maintain your view to the outside. They virtually disappear, so they don’t take away from the look of your doors.

Two great options:

Blinds.com 1/2″ Single Cell Light Filtering Shade

Bali DiamondCell Solitaire 3/8″ Single Cell Light Filtering Shade

**Designer tips: Choose shades with hold downs so that when they’re lowered, the bottom part of the shade doesn’t move. Hold downs secure the bottom of the shade in place. Also, when ordering for doors, order outside mount configuration, since the shade will not be mounted on the inside of a frame.

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    I agree cellular shades area good choice for a door. I installed a couple and I would suggest you mount them several inches above the glass so when drawn up they clear the glass. I didn't like the hold down brackets (didn't want more holes drilled in a metal door.) so I attached the bottom rail to the door with velcro, works great.

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