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Conceal Laundry Room Clutter with Sliding Panels


We love that we have so many genius blogger friends in our lives. When Leanne from Rave and Review told us that she wanted to use sliding panels as a makeshift laundry room door, we were skeptical. We couldn’t quite picture...

How to Make New Plantation Shutters Fit Old House Windows – With Fox Hollow Cottage

old house windows

Do you remember when we told you about Shannon, who’s ditching her crummy plastic blinds? After some blood, sweat and tears to get her nearly 100 year old house looking shiny and new, Shannon was ready to outfit her...

Tricky Design Problem: Will My Skylight Blind Sag?

CrystalPleat 3/8" Single Cell Blackout Skytrack Skylight

I’m thinking of covering a skylight with the Cocoon 3/8" Single Cell Blackout Skytrack Skylight blind. The skylight is deeply recessed, so what I would be covering is an opening in the flat part of the ceiling. The span...