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How to Make No Sew Monogrammed Roman Shades

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Monograms are popping up everywhere, and they’re the perfect way to add a personal stamp to your wardrobe or home decor. Monogrammed roman shades make your windows look perfectly polished and are adorable in kid’s rooms, nurseries, college dorm rooms or anywhere...

Instagram Faves: Crafty/ DIY

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Here at we are on the lookout for power instagrammers! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing our favorite accounts with you! Crafty/ DIY: classyclutter Classyclutter is a fun account run by two best friends always looking for an...

Help! My Cordless Window Shade Isn’t Long Enough!

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Here’s the scenario: Your cordless cellular shades arrived at your doorstep in perfect condition, except for one thing. You can pull them down to cover the whole window, but then they bounce back up! You may be worried that...

14 Offbeat Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

  • Easter Eggs dyed with Silk Ties
  • Marbled Easter Eggs
  • Decoupage Eggs
  • Heart Dyed Eggs
  • watercolor-dyed-easter-eggs
  • Marbled Eggs Made with Nail Polish
  • Inspirational Easter Eggs
  • Ombre blue Easter Eggs
  • Golden Easter Eggs
  • Brown Easter Eggs

Whether you have kids, or just want to re-connect with your inner child, dyeing eggs is a wonderful way to celebrate with friends and family. Mix up your typical food coloring dyeing technique with more advanced easter egg ideas. Naturally...

Customer Service FAQ: Adjusting Your Blind Height


Is your blind or shade too long? Check out this quick post that will save you some headache, and get your window treatments back where they belong. You’ve been waiting. Waiting patiently. So patiently, your picture shows up next...

Customer Service FAQ: My Cordless Cellular Shades Aren’t Lifting

Are your cordless honeycomb shades crooked, bulging out of the window or not lifting all the way? Have no fear! Customer Service to the rescue! Why is This Happening? In most cases you can chalk up lifting problems errors in manufacturing,...