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In Blog Love with Young House Love

We’ve Got a Blog Crush… Young House Love is a blog by a DIY couple, Sherry and John, who have transformed their home one step at a time while on a budget. After four and a half years of dedicated renovation they have moved – and are going to start the design process all over again. They are beautifying the world one house at a time. Here’s a Peek at Some of Our Favorite Posts: Don’t worry, no butterflies were harmed in the making of this artwork. Much as they come to life, these faux-butterflies were made from a print-out. In a shadowbox, they create a sophisticated yet whimsical piece of art. They look so realistic they could fool just…

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4 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

  We all tell each other, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to homes, the outside is what get’s potential buyers, or neighbors with cookies, to walk up to the door. Many of us focus our design efforts on the interior of our homes, but curb appeal makes just as big of an impact. Whether you’re staging to sell or want to make the neighbors smile, here are a few ways to  help your home give a good first impression. 4 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal: Move Beyond Basic Lighting Flank your door with pretty sconces and overhear fixtures. They not only give your home a healthy glow, but also are a chance to…

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Blinds for Cheapskates and Thrifty Nickles

Everyone wants to save a buck now and then, but there are some among us who truly take frugality to the extreme. You may see fancy drapes and plantation shutters in other people’s houses and think, “I don’t need all that frilly stuff. I just need my windows covered, period, so the neighbors will stop complaining.”   Or perhaps you’re trying to convince a bachelor pad-dweller to upgrade his window coverings from from the blanket stapled to the wall. This is not a good look people.   Cheap Blinds for Any Budget If you think durable, custom blinds won’t fit in your budget, think again! You’ll be happy to know that has lowered the prices of our most affordable blinds!…

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How to Winterize your Home for A Cozier Winter

Winter has arrived in full force, and in order to keep things cozy and warm it’s important to insulate your home against piercing drafts. These simple steps will help you winterize your home so your family will stay comfortable and your heating bill will cost you a lot less each month. Did You Know? - Properly winterizing your windows can save up to 15% on your energy bill. Make a Draft Snake to Snuggle Up Against Doors and Windows A Draft Snakes are wintertime door and window insulation standbys that worked just as well for grandma as they do today. These tubes of fabric can be filled with dried beans, kitty litter, rice, cotton, dried corn, or anything that will help…

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