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More than Windows: My First Week at

r December 5, 2012 | B Culture

Hello, readers of The Finishing Touch — I’m Eddy Rivas, new Senior Marketing Writer at We don’t know each other (yet), but I’ve spent most of my adult life writing, obsessively following (and watching) viral videos, playing video games, discussing sci-fi movies and cheating death. OK, that last one might not be true, but what is true is that I just joined the team at last week, and already I can tell you that you’ve never worked at a company like this. The Tour My first day — my first hour, really — at was unlike any welcome I’ve received at a company before. It was the Monday after Thanksgiving. Still nursing a leftover turkey hangover from…

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Angry Birds for Thanksgiving? Why not!?

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! From the team to you, we wish you a beautiful day of family, food and fun! We had a great time prepping for our own Thanksgiving festivities with a rousing ‘Canstruction’ of donated food for the Houston Food Bank – Angry Birds style, of course. We’re grateful for YOU! Every day we are honored to have the opportunity to serve you and your family.  Thank you for welcoming us into your home! If you are itching for some Thanksgiving shopping without the annoying lines, we’ve got some great blinds Cyber Shopping Deals and are always here to help. Check out our Facebook fanpage and Twitter for even more top secret deals – saving and looking great…

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Employee Appreciation Week at

r October 18, 2012 | B Culture

Every day at is a happy day, but a few days a year are especially happy! One week every year we go out of our way to thank our fellow employees for the awesome work they do on a daily basis. During Employee Appreciation Week each department is responsible for planning a day of activities to give their neighbors a big pat on the back. Viva La Fiesta! Margarita Monday was hosted by Customer Service and HR. Our conference room and cafe were transformed into a cantina and everyone was treated to delicious fajita tacos and margaritas! We finished off the day with a festive pinata bash in the courtyard!   Texans Tailgate! Day 2 kicked off with a…

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r October 9, 2012 | B Culture

This weekend 10 members of the family represented us at Race for the Cure in downtown Houston as Team Blind Faith. The fight against breast cancer is one that we are so honored to support, especially with the thousands of people that turned out to run as well. Our Team’s set out to raise $500 for the Susan G. Komen Society, but they exceeded their goal and raised $550!  Several of our team were running in memoriam of family members lost to breast cancer and other cancers, but many were there to help raise awareness and show support for the women battling this disease. Sarah Batilla said, ” As a first generation Mexican American, the women in my family…

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Arrrgh Mateys! International Talk Like a Pirate Day at

r September 21, 2012 | B Culture

Wednesday last aboard our trusty vessel we celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with our mateys from across the seven seas. Take a gaze through the spyglass and to see how our shipmates brought honor to blackbeard on this blessed day.   Even if you’re a land lubber, follow the treasure map to find more photos in arrrr Facebook galarrrry!   Avast! What’s a pirate’s favorite window covering? The sophisticated pirate keeps ‘arrrr-oman shades in his home away from the sea to remind him of the billowing sails of his trusty ship.   Shutter me timbers! The pirate with real wood shutters at home will feel as if he’s dining in the captain’s quarters every night. He turns them from…

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Congrats to Christine for winning MasterChef!

r September 11, 2012 | B Culture

WOOOO HOOOO!!!  We are so proud of family member Christine Ha for her spectacular win on MasterChef this week! Over the last few weeks, our team has salivated over her dishes and cheered her on like the crazy fans that we are – especially her husband John, one of our awesome designers. Keep in touch with Christine, MasterChef winner! Besides her upcoming cookbook, you can stay connected to Christine through her blog, Twitter account and get a head start with her Ultimate Gourmet Burger recipe. What was your favorite part of this season’s MasterChef?

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We Won! Makes List of Top 50 Most Engaged Workplaces

r August 27, 2012 | B Culture

  We’re proud to announce that we’ve been honored as one of Achievers 50 Most engaged Workplaces in the United States! This award is given to Employers who engage their employees in areas of: Leadership, Culture, Rewards & Recognition, Communication, Professional & Personal Growth, Accountability & Performance, Vision & Values, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Razor Suleman, Founder and Chairman of Achievers said,  ”The Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces understand that these practices are good for employees, but also the bottom line. Companies that focus on Employee engagement tend to perform better financially, attract and retain the best talent and enjoy improved customer service and client retention.” will be honored alongside other recipients of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ Award…

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Meet the newest members of the family!

r August 20, 2012 | B Culture

We at are proud to introduce the newest members of our team. After 90 days of training the Class of 2012 Cavalry has arrived! Sarah Batalla, our operations trainer, is so impressed by the great outlook on life that this group brings to and is convinced that they will quickly become assets to our call center. Read a about them and take a peek into the community behind Meet the Class of 2012! Nic Freeman loves spending time with her beautiful daughter, Chloe Marie, boyfriend Louis and family. For her, the best part of working for the team is the encouragement that she receive on a daily basis, especially from her trainers and fellow trainees. Through this…

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