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Gift Guide for Guys from

r December 19, 2013 | B Culture

With Christmas getting near, it’s time to cross some names off that shopping list! To make gift-giving a little easier, we’ve asked the guys of what they’ve got on their holiday wish list! Here’s What They Told Us: John said:  The XBOX One / PS4 “Cause it’s epic. Newest game systems that every dude should want. Pushing some of the best high end graphics that will make your eye balls bleed pixels.” Arduino Starter Kit  “Every geek has been wanting to get into an Arduino project. You can create just about anything with an Arduino kit and some patience. I’ve always wanted to create an wifi controlled garage door opener. That way I can close the garage if I…

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Step Into Our Office: Bobbleheads

r August 26, 2013 | B Culture

Bobbleheads are a central part of the culture. They’re scattered around the office and we even have a meeting room dedicated to them! Why? Read on to find out. As many of you may have noticed from our Facebook excitement we have recently moved into a brand new office. It’s a state of the art space that we think speaks perfectly to our quirky, fun-loving culture. If you come take a visit someday, you’ll find a lot of unexpected surprises hidden in these halls. Until then, we’ll let you get acquainted with our space through a virtual office tour. A room that keeps us nodding along happily during the work day is the Bobbleheads room. This whimsical meeting space…

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Enjoying The Ride – My First Week at

r August 15, 2013 | B Culture

Meet Ruaa, our new HR Assistant and the latest member of our Team. She shares her thoughts after her first week in the Blinds.complex. My first week at GCC was truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I was a bit nervous to start, a good nervous like the first day of school. School is to children, as work is to adults, no one really wants to go and that first day is always the best. After only being here a week, I have already begun to develop a whole new perspective in my experience of work. Meaning yes, my previous analogy still applies. Let me explain. You go to school in order to continuously improve your knowledge and education,…

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Enjoy the Ride: Rube Goldberg Machine Project

r July 24, 2013 | B Culture

 This post comes via our Autobahn Product Manager Wade – master of all things tech and board gamer extraordinaire.  The Ride Begins One of the reasons I love working at is that you never know what type of “extracurricular” project you may have a chance to work on.  In my short ten months with the company I’ve helped build a giant Angry Bird out of canned food to benefit Houston Canstruction, participated in a lip dub video, and was recently part of a team tasked with building a Rube Goldberg machine to decorate a conference room at our new office. [A Rube Goldberg machine is an overly complex machine designed to perform a simple task] My co-workers, Hung Cao and…

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Jumping into

r July 13, 2013 | B Culture

Want to get an inside look into what things are really like in the Blinds.complex? Read on to hear what our newest UX designer, David Wen has to say after joining the Family. Peering over the edge I have been working for around six years now and I have yet to experience a culture as unique as  After all, they were voted Best Place to Work in Houston. The Jump Starting at a new company is always nerve-wracking.  Learning about the development environment, the code base, the work flow and your teammate’s personalities and skill sets, especially at Munchkin and D&D over lunch, can make anybody’s head spin. handles things differently. My first week was filled with fifteen…

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Introducing our Summer Intern Rachel: Her Thoughts on

r July 2, 2013 | B Culture

Maybe you’ve already read some of my posts or maybe you’re meeting me for the first time! Either way, I wanted to talk about my experience thus far at and share a little about myself: Now that I’ve interned with for about a month, I’ve gained a lot of insight to how the company runs. Before I was offered the job, I had done a little research – I knew that had won ‘Marketer of the Year’ and ‘Best Place to Work in Houston’. I knew that it was a successful company and was supposed to be a fun place to work – but I had no idea to what extent. The first time that I walked…

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r June 17, 2013 | B Culture

Getting To The Core: Core Values The Creation: “Culture is not just talked about, it’s a way of living.” – Jay Steinfeld CEO At, our core values are essential – we live and work by them everyday.  It makes coming into work enjoyable and really creates a standard of living that we all want to live up to; both in and out of the office.  And as employees, we really do glow when we talk about our jobs!

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Playing in the Sand at the AIA Sandcastle Competition

r June 4, 2013 | B Culture

Imagine a gathering of over 50 Houston-area architecture, design and engineering firms. Now imagine that this gathering takes place on the beach and that all of the firms are competing – for who can build the best sandcastle. It’s not your everyday business convention. Lucky for us this is a real event; the AIA Sandcastle Competition happens every year at East Beach in Galveston, TX. Rachel, the new Marketing & Social Media intern was fortunate enough to get an inside look at the competition and help build with the firm PDG Architects. She was so excited about her day at the beach that she wanted to share her experience with the community: I had no idea that sandcastle-construction could be so complex….

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Christine Ha (MasterChef Winner) Talks Recipes, Gordon Ramsay, and Experimenting Without Fear at

r May 29, 2013 | B Culture

New cookbook author and reality cooking star, Christine Ha, visited the offices of to share her story of experimenting without fear of failure and traded tales from her time cooking with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Christine not only set herself apart as a home cook who could stand the test of intense culinary challenges, but went on to win as the first visually impaired contestant on the show. We at are big fans of Christine because she calls Houston her home as we do, and she’s married to our awesome graphic designer, John. As the season aired, MasterChef buzz swept the office with watching parties and lots of water cooler talk about the next round that Christine had gotten through….

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Tune in to hear Christine Ha (winner of MasterChef) at!

r May 23, 2013 | B Culture

On Tuesday, May 28th, will be opening its doors to MasterChef Season 3 winner, Christine Ha. We’re so excited to hear her amazing life story and about her time with Chef Gordon Ramsey on MasterChef. Plus, she has an awesome new cookbook! Missed the Livestream? Watch the Recording Here. Wanna join the party for inspiration and cooking tips? We’re hosting a Google Hangout to broadcast the event live! RSVP on the Google+ page, and tune in at 12 PM CST. As the first ever blind cook to appear on the MasterChef, Christine has inspired the nation and become a voice for the culinary arts, Vietnamese cuisine and those living with NMO. Want to learn more about Christine? Keep us…

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