5 Ways to Make your Summer More Awesome

Can you believe that summer is already halfway over?

We can’t – to make sure you make the most of the sunny days we have left, we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite posts about the season.

1. Our Ultimate Summer Road Trip Guide

Summer Road Trip

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In this blog post you’ll find every essential necessary for a road trip: apps to tell you where to stop along your drive, healthy road-trip snacks, and the best playlists to get those sing-a-longs started. If you’re planning on taking a summer road trip anytime soon – this post is for you!

2. Tips for Summer Design: Outside in, Inside Out

The summer is all about soaking up that sun, so why not update your home decor and make the outdoors a little more liveable? Read our budget tricks for making your backyard the hotspot for summer barbecues and dinner parties.

 3. The Top Tips for Great Summer Photos

Summer photos via Flickr user .nevara

Summer photo via Flickr user .nevara

Half the fun of summer is rekindling the fond memories we have of summers past – and where would those memories be without the photos? Read our amateur-friendly tips on how to take the best summer pictures that will capture the moments you don’t want to forget!

4. Save on Your Energy Bill: Ways to Better Insulate Your Windows This Summer

Windowsill via flickr user belfegore

Windowsill via flickr user belfegore

Most people have no idea that by properly insulating their windows they can save on their energy bill – and if you live in Houston like us, it gets HOT. Read our 7 fixes (many of which cost next to nothing) for better insulation!

5. The 6 Must-Haves for Your Backyard Patio

Read about the 6 must-have items for amping up your patio style. This summer it’s all about enjoying the outdoors with friends and family – it’s easy to make your place a space to entertain with these simple tips.

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