Takes Home 2009 Marketer of the Year Award

night, hundreds of Houston’s
(country’s, really) top marketers came together for the American Marketing
Association’s presentation of the Marketer of the Year. We are happy to report
that we were awarded MOTY 2009!

is a small business. We have close to 100 employees and a marketing department
of only seven. As we started putting together our application, it became clear
to us that 2009 had been a successful year. In spite of the blinds business
being down 30-40%, remained profitable. We had struggles, like many
organizations did last year, but we took measures to improve. We cut costs
where we could, but didn’t pull back in the areas that mattered most. We formed
strategic alliances with other companies that increased our reach without
adding additional costs. We improved the website, made the shopping experience
better, and tested everything.

exercise of putting it all on paper helped us appreciate how hard we worked
last year, and what a tightly-knit team we have become. It didn’t take winning
to understand the importance of this.

that said, winning is a big honor. Our competition included some of the most innovative
marketing teams, not just in Houston,
in the world. Shell Oil. MD Anderson.
Metro. Halliburton. Houston
is home to many Fortune 500 companies, and their marketing departments do
incredible work. We were honored just to be included on the short list.


Okay, I’m excited. Give me a break.

quote our CEO: “I’ve been telling our investors for years, ‘We’re not a blinds
company, we’re a marketing company that sells blinds.’ This proves it!”


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    Thanks Tony! We appreciate your support. Let us know if we can help you in any way!

    Best regards,
    Esther, and the team at

  2. Congratulations! You all do things right. If I ever need blinds, I know where to go!

    P.s. I read about you at Being a debt-free business is fantastic.

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