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Getting To The Core: Core Values Culture Book

The Creation:

“Culture is not just talked about, it’s a way of living.” – Jay Steinfeld CEO

At, our core values are essential – we live and work by them everyday.  It makes coming into work enjoyable and really creates a standard of living that we all want to live up to; both in and out of the office.  And as employees, we really do glow when we talk about our jobs!

We wanted to see how our unique and one-of-a-kind employees really felt about working here, and so, the idea to create our first ever core values book was born! Core Values:

We didn’t want to post the entire book to this blog (sorry!), but we still wanted to share a few quotes and a brief break down of each core value with you:


Improve Continuously: We believe we can always better ourselves

Improve continuously board

“It means never giving up on yourself.  Always have a thirst for life and for learning new things.  You can never be too wise.” – Eren M. 

“It means never settling.  The job I did today, could be done better tomorrow.” – Sarah B. 

“At my old job, my role was static and my ability to grow and experiment was limited.  When we say ‘the sky’s the limit,’ it really does feel that way.” – Craig S. 


Experiment Without Fear of Failure: For every failed experiment, you learn one lesson that will help you out in the future

Spray paint mural

“Failure is an amazingly scary concept – but here at, we are reminded that “failure” is just a bump in the road to success.  You may fall, but you should pop right up and continue on (possibly even skipping along the way). – Stephanie P.

“That it’s okay to try something new, failure is only finding out one way that something does not work.” – Stephen N.

“In the marketing department, every failed experiment tells us more about why people do what they do on our site.  It’s nice to know that every idea, no matter how wacky, gets tested.  Sure, some tests don’t work out, but one failure means we’re another step closer to finding something successful.” – Eddie R.


 Help People Achieve What They Never Thought They Could: We want to see others shoot past their wildest dreams and into new territory altogether

Help other's achieve

“I have encouraged others to learn additional skills and apply for other positions within the company.  It caused them to develop new skills that benefit them and the company.” – Marilyn F.

“I put my barber’s business on Google maps, getting him to the top of his local Google search listings and it dramatically increased his business.” – Wade P.

“It is a great feeling to work for a company that motivates and doesn’t dictate.  There is lots of encouragement to improve continuously and coaching which helps with that.  It helps to strive to achieve goals both in and out of the workplace and our company encourages and expects that.” – Greg C.


 Encourage Individual Expression: When someone applies that unique viewpoint, style of dress or hair color to their work – special things happen Culture Book

“There is such a variety of people that work at, I love that we can not only feel free to be ourselves, but can also interact so fluidly with so many personality types, voices and backgrounds.  When you get a group of smart, passionate people together, that care about one another exactly as they are and are pulling for the same successes – there;s something really special there.” – Katie L.

“Not having to wear the heels (business outfits) I wore for 12 years in my previous job.  I am so grateful to be able to dress down for a change and still be successful at work.” – Matilda C.

“Let’s see, I wear a Tigger costume on major holidays and pass out fun stuff to everyone, I have dressed up as a fairy to paint kids faces at Kids day, My hair has an ever changing color palette, when I can, I wear a rocking awesome hat, I even have a fantastic custom made top hat in all of the colors of the rainbow with emblazoned on it.” – Patricia O.


Enjoy the Ride: Working here means you’re a part of the family so have fun with the twists, turns camaraderie and milestones – we’ll be right there with you – enjoying the ride

Enjoy the Ride

“My favorite event is Employee Appreciation Week.  Every department sponsors a day of fun-filled activities for the whole company.  Events like Oktoberfest, Massage Therapy Sessions, Margarita Parties, etc.  Each department competes to show who can deliver the best fun!  It’s a week you don’t want to miss!” – Victoria J.

“I love not only the people I work with, but the way all departments interact with each other creating more of a community, or family feel.  We learn from each other, and appreciate everyone’s ideas!” – Christian Q.

“I like to play ping pong at work on a regular basis when time permits.  Being able to give blood to people that need it is wonderful too.  Also, the chili cook-off and carnival was loads of fun.” – Kris S.

The Big Reveal:

Every Friday we have our weekly “Say Jay” meetings where we all come together to talk about the week happenings.  This time though, we had a special reveal – the release of our very first Core Values company yearbook!  And like every celebration at – we celebrated with cake!



Culture book Reveal

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